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Thread: Best Model of Each Position

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    1st: Caridee, Jaslene, Danielle
    2nd: Joanie, Kahlen, Chantal
    3rd: Jenah
    4th: Sara C6, Britanny C4 ,Amanda, Dionne
    5th: Michelle C7, Heather C9,
    6th: Lisa C9, Jael C8, Nnenna C6
    7th: Kyle C5, Anchal, Brooke C6, Toccara
    8th: Claire C10
    9th: A.J., Mollie-Sue
    10th: Felicia, Janet
    11th: Cassandra C5, Kari C6, Monique
    12th: Samantha, Allison C10 ,Ebony C5, Kimberly
    13th: Mila, Katherine, Brita, Kathleen,

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    1. Adrianne...CariDee...Jaslene
    2. Melrose...Mercedes...Kahlen
    3. Jenah...Elyse...Jade
    4. Jayla...April...Brittany
    5. Norelle...Christina...Heather
    6. Jael...Nicole...Giselle
    7. Anchal...Toccara...Ebony
    8. Rebecca...Sarah(c9)...Sarah(c8 )
    9. AJ...Ebony...Diana
    that's all i'm going up to.
    My ANTM: Adrianne, April, Norelle, Brittany, Jayla, Sara, AJ, Jael, Jenah, Whitney
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner: Naima (I don't care what you all say)
    Best 2nd: Chantelle and YaYa
    Best 3rd:Elyse (Wow 3rd Place is fierce! Shandi, Amanda, Bre, Jade,& Jenah were all pretty fierce)
    Best 4th: Ann Honerable mention to Britney, & April
    Best 5th: Heather (Blarg I can't remember most of them)
    Best 6th: Lisac9!! ( I can't remember any of them but there is no doubt that none of them are as feierce as Lisac9)
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Joanie for best runner up.

    Heather for best 5th place.

    Kata for best whatever position she will be.

    Love these 3!
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner: Jaslene
    Best 2nd place: Chantal
    Best 3rd place: Jenah
    Best 4th place: Amanda
    Best 5th place: Heather
    Best 6th place:
    Best 7th place: Brooke (c6)
    Best 8th place: Brooke (c7)
    Best 9th place: AJ
    Best 10th place: Felicia
    ANTM: Katarzyna, Anya Aimee
    AI: David A, David C, David H, Brooke
    Survivor: Amanda, Ozzy, Eliza

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Winner: Yoanna, Naima, Adrianne
    Runner up: Shannon, Ya ya, Kahlen, Nik, Joanie, natasha
    3rd: Shandi, Jade, Renee, Jenah
    4th: April, amanda,
    5th: Norelle, michelle, brittany, heather
    6th: Lisa(c05), nneana, jael
    Don't worry, anya. I still love you

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    I already did something like this in the useless facts thread (whatever the name is) using average callout order, but that wasn't very representative of my favourites

    Winner - Yoanna, Danielle
    2nd place - Natasha, Yaya
    3rd place - Elyse, Jenah
    4th place - April, Ann
    5th place - Norelle

    Can't be bothered with the rest, except AJ was the best in her category and Mollie-Sue was the best in hers
    My yes list for BNTM = Alex, Catherine, Charlotte.

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Winner: Nicole
    Runner-Up: Natasha
    3rd: Elyse
    4th: Brittany
    5th: Norelle
    6th: Lisa (Cycle 5)

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    i'll do the best top six, so far.

    best winner: danielle.
    best runner-up: natasha.
    best 3rd: renee.
    best 4th: april.
    best 5th: michelle.
    best 6th: michelle.
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    best winner: Danielle
    best runner-up: Joanie
    best 3rd: Renee
    best 4th: Amanda
    best 5th: Heather
    best 6th: Michelle
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