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Thread: Best Photos from Each Cycle

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    WOW! like the responses! THANKS!

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    watching cycle 3 yesterday, i was blown away by yaya's verragio ad with the tarantula.
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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Cycle 8:

    Brittany's Candy Shoot

    Cycle 9:

    Jenah's Moss Shoot

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    cycle 1: elyse snake shot
    cycle 2: shandi sunglasses
    cycle 3: yaya spider shot handsdown
    cycle 4: kahlen wrath shot/springbok
    cycle 5: lisa's country couture/kim phone booth
    cycle 6: joanie krumping
    cycle 7: caridee circus shot/michelle matador shot/amanda model stereotype
    cycle 8: brittany candy coated
    cycle 9: lisa's gargoyle shot has all of the elements of a great pic, jenah's rock climbing, moss, and recycling

    runners-up: yoanna helmet, mercedes wire, amanda beauty shot, naima dance, nicole country couture, dani falling princesses, joanie elephant, sarah bald, leslie career, melrose hair wars, renee aboriginal, renee poisoned, every shot of heather,

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    c1. elyse's snake
    c2. shandi's solstice
    c3. amanda's beauty
    c4. kahlen's zodiac
    c5. lisa's country
    c6. joanie's crying
    c7. michelle's bulimia
    c8. brittany's candy
    c9. lisa's gargoyle

    c1. gemma's goldleaf
    c2. jess' beauty
    c3. sophie's tigerlily

    c1. sisi's victorian
    c2. rebecca's sea creature

    c1. lucy's beauty
    c2. abby's makeup
    c3. louise's ice queen
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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    C1: Adriane and Elyse snake shots
    C2: Yoanna´s Beauty Shot and Cyber shot
    C4: Kahlen Covergirl
    C5: Nicole´s Covergil and B&W
    C6: Joanie´s elephant
    C7: CariDee Bull-fighting and Covergirl
    C8: Brittany´s Candy and Rene´s Tyra Women-magazine shot
    C9: Chantal´s Great Wall, Jenah´s Rock Climbing and Moss and Ebony´s Gargoyle

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    1: Adrianne and Elyse Snake Shots lol
    2: Shandi laundry shoot
    3: Eva and yaya, spider shoot
    4: any pic of kahlen lol
    5: Nicole's country couture or b&w
    6: joanie krumping haha
    7: caridee's elephant shot, and her dumb blonde
    8: brittany's candy and jaslene's wierdo
    9: Jenah's rock climbing

    i was trying to pick some that other people hadn't...but that didn't work out too well lol.

    but my favorite out of any season was Saleisha's flower shot. JK. they really should have made her a mushroom for that shoot though hahaha
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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Oh, how I love rankings and pickings.

    Cycle 1: Nude diamonds shot
    Cycle 2: Solstice Sunglass, the best by far of ANTM
    Cycle 3: Spider shot
    Cycle 4: Kloofing
    Cycle 5: Country Couture
    Cycle 6: Dolls
    Cycle 7: Matador shot
    Cycle 8: Men/Womens Mag
    Cycle 9: Flower shot

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