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Thread: Best Photos from Each Cycle

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Cycle 1 & 2 are too fuzzy to do this as of now.

    Cycle 3
    Eva's Veraggio Spider Brooch

    Honourable Mentions:
    Amanda, Eva, and Yaya's Jamaican Swimsuit
    Amanda, Ann, Eva, Norelle, Toccara, and Yaya's Lee Jeans
    Amanda, Eva, Nicole, Norelle, Toccara, and Yaya's Beauty Shots
    Amanda, Nicole, Norelle, and Yaya's Dooney & Burke
    Amanda, Norelle, and Nicole's YJ Stinger
    Eva's Alter Ego
    Nicole & Yaya's Verraggio Spider Brooches
    Amanda, Eva, Norelle, and Yaya's T-Mobile
    Amanda & Yaya's Anime
    Amanda, Eva, and Yaya's Covergirl

    Cycle 4
    Kahlen's Seven Deadly Sins

    Honourable Mentions:
    Kahlen, Keenyah, Michelle, Tiffany's 1-800-FLOWERS
    Kahlen & Michelle's Zodiacs
    Brittany, Kahlen, and Naima's Gas Station
    Brittany & Kahlen's Wonderbras
    Brittany, Kahlen, Michelle, and Naima's Animals
    Brittany & Kahlen's Kloofing
    Brittany & Naima's African Dance
    Kahlen & Naima's CoverGirl

    Cycle 5
    Lisa's Country Couture

    Honourable Mentions:
    Nik's Superheroes
    Cassandra, Jayla (even though everyone hates it!), Nicole & Nik's Country Couture
    Bre, Coryn, Jayla, Nik's Plastic Surgery
    Coryn, Lisa, and Nicole's Secret Deodorant Endorsement
    Nicole's B&W
    Bre & Nik's Wildboyz
    Lisa's Phonebooth
    Bre, Jayla, and Nik's Modern Art
    Nik's Bollywood
    Nicole & Nik's CoverGirl

    Cycle 6
    Danielle's CoverGirl

    Honourable Mentions:
    Danielle, Jade, Joanie, Leslie, Mollie Sue, Nnenna, Sara's Bald w/ Crystals
    Danielle's Ice Princess
    Danielle, Jade, and Joanie's Falling Fairytales
    Danielle, Jade, and Joanie's Future Career Goals
    Brooke, Furonda, and Joanie's Krumping
    Danielle, Furonda, Joanie, and Jade's Dolls
    Danielle & Joanie's Mermaids
    Danielle & Joanie's Elephants
    Danielle, Jade, and Joanie's OP Swimsuits

    Cycle 7
    CariDee's Scary/Sexy Black & White

    Honourable Mentions:
    Amanda, Anchal, CariDee, and Michelle's Model Stereotypes
    AJ, CariDee, and Melrose's Circus Freaks
    Eugena and Jaeda's Scary/Sexy B&W
    CariDee & Melrose's Celebrity Couples
    CariDee & Eugena's Bullfighters
    Amanda, CariDee, and Melrose's Water Nymphs
    CariDee & Eugena's CoverGirl

    Cycle 8
    Brittany's Nude Candy

    Honourable Mentions:
    Jaslene's Political Statements
    Renee's Crime Scene Victims
    Natasha's Gender Bending
    Jael's Four Personalities
    Dionne's Famous ANTM Moments
    Brittany, Jaslene, Natasha, and Renee's Swimsuits
    Renee's Australian Dancing

    Cycle 9
    Jenah's Rock Climbing

    Honourable Mentions:
    Lisa & Victoria's Negative Side-Effects of Smoking
    Heather & Victoria's Rock Climbing
    Ebony & Jenah's Flowers
    Bianca, Ebony, and Lisa's Fashion Gargoyles
    Heather & Jenah's Recyclable Materials
    Chantal, Jenah, and Saleisha's Burning Car in the Desert
    Lisa's & Heather's CoverGirl Queen Collection
    Chantal & Jenah's Warriors at the Great Wall
    Jenah's CoverGirl

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Cycle One: Elyse's snake, Runner-up: Adrianne's black and white
    Cycle Two: Mercedes's Eve, Runner-up: Yoanna's helmet
    Cycle Three: Amanda's t-mobile, Runner-up: Yaya's spider
    Cycle Four: Brittany's waterfall, Runner-up: Naima's Covergirl
    Cycle Five: Nicole's black and white, Runner-up: Cassandra's superhero
    Cycle Six: Danielle's swimsuit, Runner-up: Joanie's swimsuit
    Cycle Seven: CariDee's black and white, Runner-up: Melrose's water nymph
    Cycle Eight: Brittany's men's mag, Runner-up: Renee's women's mag
    Cycle Nine: Heather's rock climbing, Runner-up: Ebony's bird of paridise

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    best photos picked by people, interesting choices, i like them all

    this game began here btw

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Cycle1)) Adrienne's nude shot, Elyse's snake shot

    Cycle2)) Shandi's sunglass shot, April's Garden shot, Yoanna's beauty shot.

    Cycle3)) Eva, Yaya's spider shot, Amanda's beauty shot

    Cycle4)) Michelle's Zodiac shot, Kahlen's CG shot, Keenyah's Got Milk shot

    Cycle5)) Nik's plastic surgery shot, Lisa's couture shot

    Cycle6)) Danielle's falling shot, Danielle's bald shot

    Cycle7)) Michelle's Stereotype shot, Eugena's bullfight shot

    Cycle8)) Jaslene's high school shot

    Cycle9)) Lisa's Smoking Effects shot, Lisa's Gargoyle shot, Lisa's burning car shot, Lisa's CG Queen shot.
    "You are not even worth it, sweetheart." -Fatima

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    I already made my list, but a bunch of photos that deserve mention are: Mercedes' Garden of Eden/Eve, Shandi's Laundry, Yaya's Spider, Kahlen's Wrath, Nik's Bollywood, Nicole's Country Couture, Lisa's Plastic Surgery, Danielle's Doll, Michelle's B&W, Jaslene's Death Penalty, Jaslene's High School Cliche's, Lisa's Gargoyle, Jenah's Flower, Chantal's Burning Car, Ebony's Flower.

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Shandi's solstice shot is amazing, it is like a piece of art. I have it as my wall paper

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    best of the best :
    c1 : elyse's snake shot
    c2 : yoanna's face shots and shandi's sunglass shot
    c3 : yaya's spider shot
    c4 : kahlen's wrath
    c5 : nicole & nik's plastic surgery
    c6 : nnenna's bald shot, leslie's future goal
    c7 : anchal & michelle's hairwars, caridee's circus
    c8 : jaslene's high school, natasha's 4 personalities
    c9 : heather's rockclimbing, chantal's covergirl queen, and
    all shots done by Jenah

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Cycle 1` Shannon and Elyse's snake shot; Adrianne's nude shot;

    Cycle 2` Shandi's sunglasses shot; April's underwater shot; Yoanna's helmet shot;Shandi with Yoanna' nude shot

    Cycle 3` Nicole's energy drink shot;Amanda's CG shot;

    Cycle 4` Kahlen, Brittany and Michelle' zodiac shot;Kahlen's nature shot;

    Cycle 5` Nik's Bollywood shot; Jayla's portrait(Forgotten which one she imitated...); Lisa's crazy shot(I mean the one taken with a bunch of men)

    Cycle 6` Joanie's falling-princess shot ,doll and elephant shot;

    Cycle 7` Caridee's dumb-blonde, the shot with the handsome guy and CG shot; Melrose's celebrity couple shot; Amanda's first shot(Taken in the toilet, with cakes. Forgotten what theme that is.) and the hair-do shot and the water shot with Caridee;

    Cycle 8` Jaslene's pro-death-penalty and school cliche shots; Brittany's 4 characters shot; Renee's lady-magazine shot and dancing shot;

    Cycle 9` Heather's smoking, rock-climbing, aluminium cans, CG shot and the 2nd shot in China;Jenah's rock-climbing, moss, recyclable material, the shot acted like stranded in the desert and final CG shot;Chantal's warrior on Great Wall shot;Lisa's smoking shot;Saleisha's shot with Tyra (Actually I think her Seventeen cover is quite good but I haven't seen how's Chantal, so I can't determine whether it's the best one...)

    Loads of nice shots in every cycle... Do you guys find any in common with mine?

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    Elyse's anything eapecially the snake shoot are fabulous

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    Re: Best Photos from Each Cycle

    cycle one;; elyse's shot with the snake
    cycle two;; shandi's solstice
    cycle three;; nicole's d&b shot
    cycle four;; kahlen's wrath/brittany's kloofing
    cycle five;; nik's country couture
    cycle six;; danielle's snow white/joanie's beach shot for ellegirl
    cycle seven;; michelle's bulimia
    cycle eight;; renee's men and women magazine shots
    cycle nine;; jenah's rockclimbing/lisa's gargoyle

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