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Thread: Who Has the WORST Portfolio in ANTM History?

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    Re: Who Has the WORST Portfolio in ANTM History?

    For me:

    Cycle 1 - Shannon - Very overrated IMO.
    Cycle 2 - Xiomara - Couldn't take a good photo to save her life.
    Cycle 3 - Kelle & Ann - Kelle was just a disaster, Ann could also not take a good picture to save her life.
    Cycle 4 - Brandy & Tatiana - Brandy was just ugly and Tatiana should of been eliminated way before she actually did.
    Cycle 5 - Jayla - And the award for most overstayed welcome goes too...
    Cycle 6 - Gina - No explanation needed really.
    Cycle 7 - Jaeda - She was given way too many chances than she deserved.
    Cycle 8 - Whitney - Not one modelesque photo in that portfolio, she survived purely for her personality.
    Cycle 9 - Saleisha, Bianca and Ambreal - All but one of each of the photo's in their ANTM portfolio just plain sucked.
    Cycle 10 - Stacy-Ann - Should've been eliminated in the 3rd week, it makes me so angry that other girls got sent home over her when she keeped producing terrible photo's and I know the eliminated girls would of done so much better.

    Worst Overall - Saleisha, hands down.
    Cycle 10 Favourite's - Whitney, Aimee and Amis
    Best Photo's
    Homeless - Aimee, Makeover - Claire, Lingerie - Marvita, Paint - Aimee,
    Music - Whitney, Fuerzabruta - Whitney, Jetsetters - Dominique, Commercial - Katarzyna, Roman Castle - Fatima, Movie Icons - Anya, CoverGirl - Whitney

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    Re: Who Has the WORST Portfolio in ANTM History?

    the worst?
    whitney c8 by farrrrr this eyebrow ewwwww

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