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I love how people hated that this cycle its about being a "role-model" and now they're talking about it.

Chantal I love you so much. I support you 100% Love you too, Jenah. Hate you Saleisha....
Exactly. I think It's unfair to judge Chantal on that little extract. You could tell that she was flustered and to be honest we should applaud her for saying what she thought rather than just working her way around the questions to make herself look good, unlike little miss mushroom. When I read the extract a few post above this I found that I was agreeing with her based on what we saw on the show. I love, love, love Jenah and one of the things that I love about her is the fact that she doesn't appeal to kids in the same "airy-fairy" manner that the other two do.

This doesn't mean that she isn't a good role model she just appeals to the adult population more successfully. For example, her unconventional looks (and by this I DO NOT mean ugly, which is often inferred by the use of unconventional) would not appeal to kids in the same way that Chantal's barbie doll looks would. And I think that this is what Chantal was trying to say, but under the pressure came out wrong.

Chantal and Saleisha were bubbly, Jenah was sarcastic. I prefer the latter characteristic, but would an 8 yr old? This is what I think Chantal was trying to say, and if so, I agree with her.