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Thread: Overated & underated !

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    How is Claire overrated when she didn't even make it abroad? And how is Anya underrated when she has the best callout average?

    I'd say Aimee is C10's most underrated while Lauren would be C10's most overrated (how much you want to bet we'll never hear from her again ala Twins/Heather/Shandi/Kahlen?).

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebochan;2920560;
    Kahlen is really overrated. I caught reruns of Cycle 4 recently and it struck me as surprising that she even made it into the final 3, let alone the runner-up slot, with such consistently bad photos and a tendency to break down at the drop of a hat. They spent most of the panel in which Britney was finally eliminated criticizing her bad performance, then all of a sudden did a 360 and gave her the #1 callout and sent home Britney, who they seemed to love. Most bizarre panel ever. Kahlen hasn't done anything post-show either, so I feel a little justified in that.

    I think Nicole is underrated. She's one of the best contestants they ever had, she has a genuine high fashion face and body, and she took and still takes stunning pictures. Again, Nik fell off the face of the earth.
    I disagree. Kahlen consistently bad photos? Her portfolio was AMAZING! Only two weak photos, and that's it. But I think Brittany should have won

    I don't think Nicole is underrated either, she took along with Saleisha some of the worst shots a winner has ever taken.
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Quote Originally Posted by BustaK;2920652;
    How is Claire overrated when she didn't even make it abroad? And how is Anya underrated when she has the best callout average?

    I'd say Aimee is C10's most underrated while Lauren would be C10's most overrated (how much you want to bet we'll never hear from her again ala Twins/Heather/Shandi/Kahlen?).
    Oops, how could I forget Kat!! She really is the Nicole C3 of this cycle.

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Underatted: Renee
    Ok yes, you may immediately think that I'm just basing my opinions on favoritism, but the reason many people didn't like her was because of her "bitchy" side. But she wasn't bitchy in every single episode, like Jade and Monique usually were, and after the "Tyra Intervention" she basically got better. The other thing that bugs me was her Covergirl Photo, because the main reason that she looked old was because of her hairstyle, and how it was blown off her forehead.

    I really don't know why everyone dislikes her....her Rock Climbing and Flora shots were great IMO, and she had a sweet personality. There were some girls better than her, but I think she deserved to stay as long as she did (excluding the fact that Ebony chose to go home)
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Overrated: Claire
    Underrated: Katarzynia
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Quote Originally Posted by BustaK;2920725;
    Oops, how could I forget Kat!! She really is the Nicole C3 of this cycle.
    I agree with everything you've said, especially about Lauren, she is an overrated, dare i say model, and a TERRIBLE walker!!

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    I think that Brooke(Cycle 6?)'s beauty shot with the crying was extremely underrated, one of my favorites. Nicole Linkletter gets a lot of crap from people, but I still think she's one of the best winners (and contestants). Elyse Sewell is underrated because she didn't win, and the woman is amazing. The cast of Cycle 3 is underrated, some of my favorites came from there (I loved Nicole, Amanda, Norelle, Yaya and Eva, Anne and Toccarra were successful post-show).

    As for overrated, Heather C9 didn't have amazing pictures to me. And there was nothing else to supplement that, yet people loved her. Jaslene C8 was another one.

    Saleisha is universally hated, but even that title is still overrated.
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    I based mine on how far they got in the competion:

    Sara Cycle 2: Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures and one hell of a sad elimination :[
    Heather Cycle 2: Really beautiful girl I think given the chance they could have molded her into something special
    Nicole Cycle 3: Great pictures and not the brighest personality but when ur in a competion w/ eva and ann ur personality will lack in comparsion obvisouly
    Norelle Cycle 3: Yes she made it to 5th place but she managed to do it w/o a 1st call out which i feel like she deserved at least for her doonie and burke on wheels shot
    Lluvy Cycle 4: Ok I admit the Pisces photo was bad and she did deserve bottom 2 that week but besides that I would rank all her photos in the top 5, so unique and stunning in her own way thats what models are about not whats normal pretty but special pretty
    Tatitana Cycle 4: I loved her pinched looking face it came out great in pictures I would have loved to see her do the animal shoot in cycle 4
    Kari Cycle 6: Big Eyes+Big Blonde Hair= Stunning and one of the nicer people to come out of americas next top model
    Leslie Cycle 6: If Cycle 6 had been a straight looks contest she easily would have won
    Eugena Cycle 7: Granted she wasn't the strongest and she really didn't kick ass till spain ya can't deny bitch was FEIRCE and just look at her post show work to see what I mean

    Elyse Cycle 1: Ok she can model, But everyone acts like she's the second coming of Janice Dickison or something. If she was that good she wouldn't have needed a reality show
    Yoanna Cycle 2: Beautiful bone structure but the body? Not so great I hate to know how much they had to spend to edit some of her body fat out of her pictures... Shandi should have won Cycle 2
    Amanda Cycle 3: Ok the village of the damned look is not hot it wasn't hot in 2004 when this cycle aired and its not hot 4 yrs later
    Ann Cycle 3: Wouldn't be overrated if she didn't make it so damn far
    Michelle Cycle 4: Nice enough girl but to make it into the top 6 of Lluvy & Tatiana was a joke... She wasn't very attractive outside of pictures, she couldn't handel any sort of pressure and that ugly ass hair? Nymp blonde dosen't look good on anyone not on Anya, Jenah, Michelle Or Amanada the former 2 just know how to work with it.
    Nicole Cycle 5: Nice pictures and beautiful walk and look but to be the winner? Pleaseee
    Furounda Cycle 6: Ok skinny is good but when you start looking like a black gumby w/ ratty ass long hair ur ass shouldn't be going abroad
    Jade Cycle 6: Everytime she wasn't in the bottom 2 she had an ok picture but when she was in the bottom 2 the picture was eeekkkkk
    Sara Cycle 6: If only she knew how to work her height to her advantage poor thing looked so lost as more and more weeks went by
    Jaeda Cycle 7: Most people would love to hear they look like halle barry
    Whitney Cycle 8: Hopefully one day they'll be a plus size girl on Vogue lets just pray to god its not urs or Diane's ass
    Heather Cycle 9: I love heather I really really do the photos were great 90% of the time but that walk? Good god girl needs help bad
    Lauren Cycle 10: Same as above
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Cycle 10

    Underrated: Katarzyna (especially her beauty shot in paint) and Aimee too.

    Overrated: I think Whitney. I don't know why people like her musical photoshoot that much. I don't like it.
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Aimee and Amis are both IMMENSELY underrated. Specially Aimee.

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