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Thread: Overated & underated !

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    cycle 1: tessa's photo it wasn't bad at all her face was pretty and the pose wasn't awful. and giselle, she took some good photos.
    cycle 2: april best model of that season.
    cycle 3: norelle, wtf how did she not make the final 4 at least. as well as nicole
    cycle 4: lluvy i just feel like she had good photos in her sessions but they never chose them, she was too beautiful to not take a good picture (rebecca was underrated as well)
    cycle 5: the final 3 should have been nik, lisa and jayla
    cycle 6: jade she took some great photos and she is really funny (if you look past the b**chy act)
    cycle 7: aj obviously (i'm refering to the judges elimination reasoning)
    cycle 8: jael - she should have won based on personality alone. and sarah.
    cycle 9: sarah she was one of the best plus size contestants ever. and jenah's personality she is a cool chick that was attacked by tyra and her puppets.
    cycle 10: amis if you look at her at certain angles she is the most stunning of the girls.

    cycle 1: kesse, i didn't really like any of her photos.
    cycle 2: shandi, her personality was soo boring. and isn't tyra all about the personality
    cycle 3: amanda's and yaya's covergirl ads, i didn't like them.
    cycle 4: kahlen was a good model but honestly she didn't have anything remarkable about her.
    cycle 5: nicole...nicole...nicole...nic ole and kim...omfg i couldn't stand her personality and she took such bad photos. and her vargars girl photo was bad her face looks sooo round and the pose was stiff.
    cycle 6: joanie, she isn't modely at all.
    cycle 7: well eugena and jaeda shouldn't have made it as far as they did and the TWINS!!! they were so gross, michelle did take a few good photos but amanda was awful.
    cycle 8: natasha, i don't know why she made it as far as she did she had like 1 good photo (the 4 personality picture) and brittany her valid victorian picture was awful her head looked detached...and she wasn't that pretty.
    cycle 9: saleisha and chantal...worst final 2 ever.
    cycle 10: claire her personality was so blah. and dominique (in the judges eyes)
    My ANTM: Adrianne, April, Norelle, Brittany, Jayla, Sara, AJ, Jael, Jenah, Whitney
    C10's Weekly Best Pictures
    Week 1 - Kim, Makeover - Fatima, Week 2 - Marvita, Week 3 - Lauren, Week 4 - Anya, Week 5 - Kata, Week 6 - Whitney, Week 7 - Lauren, Week 8 - Whitney, Week 9 - Fatima, Week 10 - Whitney, Finale ?

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    amis of cycle 10 is so underated!
    I remember when first i saw her,i was like "This girl is gonna win" :nono
    I guess I'm the SALEISHA in this competition *Laugh loudly* -Dominique

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    For C10


    Lauren (a little bit)
    "I was in the bottom two last panel. Being in the bottom is actually one of the best feelings in the world. You should try it."- Jenah

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    I don't remember everything about every cycle so I'll just spout what I know. This cycle: Dominique, Lauren, and Stacy-Ann are all overrated. Katarzyna and Claire were underrated. I am on the fence about Fatima--sometimes I love her so much and want her to win, but other times I don't care for her. Elyse from cycle 1 was underrated--she was the best and most high fashion out of anyone. Cycle 3--Eva was overrated. Ann was overrated--how the hell did she make it as far as she did??? Norelle was underrated. Yaya was underrated--I loved her and thought she was robbed. Cycle 4--I thought Kahlen was overrated. I know there is a lot of love for her on these boards, but I don't get it. She was pretty and did good in pictures, but she was really bland. I can't remember which cycle Molly Sue was in, but she was horribly underrated!!!Cycle 7--eugena and Jaeda were overrated. Cycle 8--Jaslene was overrated-the second worst winner ever. Jael was overrated--she was ok as a person, but a model? I don't think so. Cycle 9--Saleisha and Chantal--most overrated. Saleisha takes the spot as the worst winner ever and I never did understand what was special about Chantal. Jenah and Heather were both underrated and performed much better.

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Lauren is the most overrated contestant ever. Horrid walk and she's only had one really good shot. The rest are blah to me.

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    amis underrated? 3 terrible pics in a row, two of them being the worst at the bunch. Not commercial, not high fashion, annoying personality, try so hard to be crazy and bad walk.
    I'll miss Alamela.

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    By the judges:





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    Re: Overated & underated !

    I don't think Aimee is underrated at all. It's a beautiful girl, but not 'model beautiful'.
    Only her paintshoot was good.

    I think Kimberly is very overrated here on FORT. Everyone keeps saying she looks so much like Gemma Ward. I honestly don't see it.
    Her face is much more 'squeezed'. She doesn't have that amazingly Alien-esque beauty of Gemma.
    I think she looks more like Reese Witherspoon.

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    Re: Overated & underated !

    I've always wondered why people got into C9 Lisa so much. When they ran her photos by the week she went home, I remembered that she really wasn't a particularly good model. Maybe she'd be good on runway with that lanky body of hers, but her face is always so dead.

    Oh and I know I'll get clobbered for this, but Katarzyna. She takes great photos, agreed, but I really don't think she's the second coming of Christ like a lot of the fanbase seems to think.

    Kahlen is really overrated. I caught reruns of Cycle 4 recently and it struck me as surprising that she even made it into the final 3, let alone the runner-up slot, with such consistently bad photos and a tendency to break down at the drop of a hat. They spent most of the panel in which Britney was finally eliminated criticizing her bad performance, then all of a sudden did a 360 and gave her the #1 callout and sent home Britney, who they seemed to love. Most bizarre panel ever. Kahlen hasn't done anything post-show either, so I feel a little justified in that.

    I think Nicole is underrated. She's one of the best contestants they ever had, she has a genuine high fashion face and body, and she took and still takes stunning pictures. Again, Nik fell off the face of the earth.

    I used to think Samantha was overrated but then she finally got her stuff together and her post-show work has been incredible.

    Now that I've seen Allison's professional work that she wouldn't shut up about, I think she's underrated too. Dominique should have gone home that week.

    Speaking of Dominique, I think her personality has caused a lot of people to automatically hate her photos. After all, if she's a raging bitch, she must be untalented! Unfortunately, she's basically another Jade - awful person, lots of talent to guarantee we're stuck with them. Objectively, she actually is a very talented model, just uneven. Her paint photo had me muttering under my breath when I realized that was guaranteed to keep her around longer because it was a genuinely good photo, and one of the better ones that week. Her folk singer photo was also really good - she wasn't full of air for once, she clearly knew how to look and act like a hippie and do it well.
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    Re: Overated & underated !

    Honestly Katarzyna is under-rated when it comes to getting air-time or showing her personality off on the show but she is the most over-rated girl this Cycle by the members here at FORT! Yes, I'll admit great walk and 2 good photos because, Homeless - OK, Lingerie - Not Good, Meat - I can't even remember it so it must not have been that ground-breaking, Paint - Good but not quite there, Music - Best so far, Fuerzabruta - Pretty good, I don't see that twinkle in it for me!

    It's weird because the members I would usually agree on with opinions and stuff I completely disagree on with Katarzyna, I don't know, maybe I'm growing up!!!LOL!!!

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