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Thread: Who were all the plus-sized models?

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    Re: Who were all the plus-sized models?

    Whitney is going to win!
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    Re: Who were all the plus-sized models?

    Quote Originally Posted by SaNtErIa;2932567;
    Cycle 1- Robin
    Cycle 2- Anna
    Cycle 3- Toccara
    Cycle 4- N/A until Keenyah got fat (lol!) and they mentioned complains on Brita's weight a lot
    Cycle 5- Diane
    Cycle 6- Officially N/A, but I guess we can count Kari as one.
    Cycle 7- Technically N/A, but Anchal could be thought on being a little on the borderline (I disagree)
    Cycle 8- Whitney & Diane
    Cycle 9- Sarah
    Cycle 10- Whitney (Probably the best ever, after Toccara)
    Kari was not plus sized at all. She just had broad shoulders and a chubby face which made her seem plus sized.

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    Re: Who were all the plus-sized models?

    my favorite three plus-size models thus far are: toccara, sarah, and whitney (10).
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