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Thread: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    -I hate Tyra's voiceovers, it's so fake
    -I love Nicole from cycle 3, I thought she could go much furthur, i didn't forget her in her elimination episode
    -I hate norelle's jumping shoot.
    -Bianca should have left much earlier, when they took the flower shoot.
    -Sarah of cycle 9 should not get kicked out at the music video episode, she looked fabulous
    -Tocarra should be eliminated much earlier
    -Natasha shouldn't be top 2
    -Yaya should be the winner for season 3
    -Don't understand why Tyra has to insist to cut Cassandra's hair
    -Sara of cycle 2 is so gorgeous, she can go furthur.
    -Eugena should not be in top 3
    -Saleisha should have Natasha's makeover instead
    -Jenah should not have her hair blond
    -Coryn's makeover made her so much more beautiful
    -leslie and molliesue should be in top 5
    -Joanie is ugly. and so is Jade
    -Kahlen is the best model ever, BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE to let Naima win
    -I didn't think Kahlen failed her final exam in covergirl commercial or runway
    -I hate the way they blurred the photos of wobbly runway, just because caridee must use the photo with other girls on the runway and they need to blur them out.
    -Also hate how Nigel blurred out the lions and dragons in this season's Chinese photoshoot.
    -Twiggy should think of some new comments instead of "I really like it though"
    -Miss J, please stop the afro thing... it's gay...
    -When can they stop covergirl finale shoots and do something high fashion like season 2
    -Lisa of cycle 9 should replace saleisha.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by dongdongahdong;2712184;
    Great thread! Ok so here are my opinions. No one has to agree with me and I am not trying to offend anyone.

    -I did not see anything in Kahlen. She had a few amazing pictures such as wrath and alligator lotion shoot, the rest were mediocre. Personality-wise, she was boring. Did not deserve to be in top 2, Brittany did.
    -Naima has the same reason as Kahlen.
    -Those 2 were the worst top 2 ever.
    -Keenyah is striking, beautiful, has a unique face, and definitely was not a b*tch.
    -Jade has a different sense of humor, beautiful, talented, has a strong personality but not a b*tch either. One of the best contestants ever and will remain memorable.
    -Nicole C5 was annoying and did not deserve to win, her constant shrieking are like nails being scratched on a board.
    -Bre was not a b*tch, Nicole deserved to have her red bulls being poured down the sink because she was immensely irritating.
    -Bre did grow a lot in the competion and she turned modelesque half way in the show.
    -Lisa C5 has a fun personality and oozes modeling potential and deserved to go a lot farther.
    -Mercedes, though endearing, should not have been in top 2 either. I really didn't see what a lot of people saw.
    -Jaslene is a good model and I am proud of her.
    -Samantha C8, deserved to go, she was unmemorable for me.
    -Caridee is the most beautiful winner inside and out.
    -Melrose was not a b*tch. She knows what she wants and kept her eyes on the prize.
    -Anchal was boring and was not modelesque, it was the right time for her to go.
    -Mila was funny and beautiful. Her potential should have carried her further.
    -Dionne was one of the best girls in her cycle.
    -Natasha was absolutely endearing, not annoying at all.
    -Ms. Jay is a good addition to the judges.
    -I love Tyra even if she is a tyrant and sends my favorite girls home because without her this show wouldn't even exist!

    -Suckleisha...well, she sucks!
    Thank You so Much!

    -Kristi's swimsuit shot was one of my favorites shots in the entire cycle!
    -Keenyah was my favorite contestant on cycle 4 and probably one of my favorite contestants EVER!
    -I hated Sara (cycle 6) except for her bald picture.
    -The contestant I hated the most in ANTM history is Jael.
    -Cycle 7 and 8 sucked equally.
    -I liked Gina.
    -Melrose was not a bitch and she should have won.
    -I hate Mollie Sue so much. No one can/will ever change my opinion of her. She should have gone first in cycle 6.
    -Diana and Diane did not suck.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Saleisha is one of the best talents ANTM has found in a LONG time.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by antmANNfan;2713444;
    Saleisha is one of the best talents ANTM has found in a LONG time.

    Haha! That's probably the most unpopular opinion on here!

    My unpopular opinions include:
    Natasha was annoying and conceited. Her constant bragging and claims that she was better than the other girls was like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    Jaslene isn't that bad. I don't think she should have won, but she's not the worst thing I've ever seen. At least it didn't feel as rigged as this season.

    I despise the CG shoots and especially the commercials. Leave acting to actresses and modeling to models. I could care less if a model can string two words together if she can take beautiful photos and rock the runways. Plus, CG sucks period.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Oh! Unpopular Opinions...

    a. I thought Cycles 2 and 6 contestants were overrated
    b. Adrianne is the show's most successful winner.
    c. Coryn was the most beautiful girl on C5
    d. I agreed with Tyra 100% during her rant against Tiffany in C4
    e. Tatiana should have made the final 3.
    f. I still do not get Dani's appeal.
    g. I don't like plus-sized contestants on the show.
    h. Janice should have stayed and Nigel should have gone before C5.
    i. I still think Monique has potential

    Popular Opinions...

    a. ANTM's go-see challenges are not a true indicator of potential
    b. More people say, "fierce" now because of Tyra
    c. ANTM "sold out" high fashion several cycles ago
    d. ANTM winners get work but not great work.
    e. This show needs more Hispanic and Asian contestants
    f. Moving back to NYC is a good thing

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by antmANNfan;2713444;
    Saleisha is one of the best talents ANTM has found in a LONG time.
    lol I really like you because all the things you say about saleisha makes me laugh
    you really like her ha?!

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Dionne was one of the most modelesque girls on the show.
    Nicole (C3) was robbed.
    Keenyah should have won Cycle 4.
    Kim (C5) was robbed.
    Samantha (C8) was robbed but they wouldn't have let her win anyway.
    Jaslene = TEH SUCK, personality was great, modeling = 0
    Renee was robbed HARD.

    Heather is the best girl this show has ever had!
    Saleisha didnt even deserve to make the finals. (should have had that Jessica girl make it)
    I have friends who look more like models than Saleisha.
    Out of the cycle 4 finale, Kahlen was robbed.
    Danielle and Adrianne were two of the best winners.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    -Keenyah's Alien, and especially her 1-800-FLOWERS and zodiac shots were amongst the strongest in antm. If there was a top 50, her first shots would be up there.
    -Renee is a hag, and sshould have been eliminated during week 3!
    -Natasha should have been eliminated during week 2, for she had 2 dreadful shoots in a row. At that point, Jaslene, Brit, and Felicia had 2 superb shots in their portfolio's, and that should have outweighed Natasha's annoying personality, vanity/conceit, and big head. (though Jaslene also had quite the chin, she worked it)
    -Heather's only good shots are her first 3. Everything after that, save her covergirl picture, were complete works of crap. And as for her winning CGOTW every week, either her fans totally bought the pity edit she got, or it was completely rigged, to make us think she would win, clearing the way for Saleisha, Tyra's own little lapdog, and evil spawn of self righteous delusion.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    I hope that this is the right place place to put this. It IS an opinion!

    I watched the entire 12 hour marathon of season 9 this past Saturday. I had missed a few shows and saw no need to watch after I got all the information that I needed right here at the FORT.

    I watched so that I could affirm or change a few opinions that I had formed about this season.

    Some of the things that I wanted to clarify were; was Bianca as awful as she seemed. Was Heather Top Model material and did she deserve the weekly Cover Girl vote? Last but not least, did I agree with the final three selection?

    Here are my conclusions:

    Regarding Bianca:

    She was WORSE than I thought she was with the most awful moment coming when she called Heather a "joke" when she got upset over Seleisha not sharing her large bed when they got to China. Bianca was cruel on several occasions in both word and deed but the above was by far the cruelest jab of all in my opinion. The ONLY joke this season was Bianca herself and the fact that anyone thought that she was Top Model material in the first place.

    Regarding Heather:

    Heather never had a chance on this show. NEVER! She had courage and I respect what she did and I will never take that away from her but I believe that Tyra and the producers of Top Model knew that Heather couldn't ever be a spokesmodel and that she would never be able to win the contest. I also believe that they chose her because it would make the show more interesting and allow for more controversy. That to me was a bit of a shady motive and had nothing whatsoever to do with anyone's desire to see Heather actually win. I DO believe that Heather deserved the weekly accolades from the audience and she certainly was unusally beautiful and photogenic. She was the true winner of the entire season in my opinion because she probably learned the most about herself and took the most valuable lessons away with her. I have every reason to believe that Heather gained the most from the experience and that it will benefit her. She was also kind to her fellow housemates and walked away from their cruelty considering them "family". That to me shows a kind heart and a forgiving spirit.

    Regarding the final three:

    I agree that Chantel and Saleisha are the most obvious winners since this show is about being a Cover Girl and not really about being a typical model. They both have very All-American looks and are perfect for the Cover Girl brand. As for being runway models or high fashion models; I would say that Jena fits that category far more than she does as a possible Cover Girl product saleswoman. I also feel that a huge mistake was made when they let Lisa go. She had it all. She was beautiful, had a beautiful Cover Girl face and was also capable of being a high fashion and runway model. I also believe that they could never have allowed a stripper to win the contest. I feel that both Heather and Lisa were used for their potential in creating controversy and than let go when it got close to the end.

    All in all it was a successful season in so far as there was a lot of back-stabbing, controversy, bitchiness, drama and plenty of beauty to go around. This crop of girls seemed to have far more poise than many seasons before and almost all of them could "walk" well from day one. They seemed less amateurish which makes sense since they have watched this show and know what is expected in order to be chosen.

    I have to admit that this wasn't my favorite season but it was watchable. I also can't deal with Jaslene and her nearly unintelligible utterances during the commercials. I really couldn't understand much of anything that she said. She is enthusiastic and pretty but not a great spokesmodel in my opinion. It would be nice to be able to understand exactly which products she's selling! I suppose that she is mostly selling herself and ANTM since they are only running her commercials during the show and nowhere else that I have seen.

    Kim Stolz is a host on MTV these days and seems to be having pretty good career success even though it's not as a model. I'm sure that other contestants are also working in the industry either by hosting or modeling so there is a chance that some of the girls will do well because they were on ANTM.

    Those are my conclusions regarding this season and I don't particularly care who wins in the end. I do think that it will be either Saleisha or Chantal for the reasons that I stated above.

    The best part of watching coming here.

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    Re: ANTM Popular and Unpopular opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizen;2713984;
    Renee was robbed HARD.
    i agree with that, 100% percent.
    i keep bleeding love.

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