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Thread: How the elimination order should have went

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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    14. Madgalena-They were right in eliminating her first, I just don't see model
    13. Julie-Didn't see model in her either
    12. Kelle-Worst portfolio in ANTM history
    11. Kristi-Meh
    10. Cassie-Just pretty bland
    9. Leah-Couldn't seem like she could model very well, but I would have liked to see her stay a little longer since she had a great look
    8. Jennipher-^See above
    7. Eva-Just too commercial, too short, even if she is successful in that area
    6. Nicole-I see an edgy, unique haircut, but not an edgy, unique model
    5. Norelle-Too cutesy and had a dreadful walk
    4. Tocarra-Best plus-size on ANTM, but not as versatile as the final 3
    3. Ann-Even if her portfolio was inconsistent, she is still one of the most modelesque ANTM girls and had a great runway walk, but she lacks the overall talent of the final 2
    2. Amanda-Photographs amazingly, can do commercial/editorial, but lacked the presence that Yaya had
    1. Yaya-One of my favorites in ANTM history, can do commercial/editorial, great body, very high fashion, and ANTM needs a winner who is actually SMART!
    I miss AJ!!
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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett1616;2710828;
    My Eliminations For Cycle Eight:

    13. Kathleen- Not a model.
    12. Natasha- two bad photos in a row.
    11. Cassandra- Great body but thats about it.
    10. Whitney- Four bad photos in a row.
    09. Diana- Worst of the week.
    08. Jaslene- Not showing versatility.
    07. Jael- Not a commercial model, bad photo.
    06. Sarah- Good commercial but doesnt seem real.
    05. Dionne- Worst of the week.
    04. Felicia- Not as strong as the other three.
    03. Brittany- Not Covergirl material.
    02. Renee/Samantha
    01. Samantha/Renee
    The top six are rather impressive, I must say.
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    -Alex Perry, AusNTM

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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    Quote Originally Posted by Sireafi;2710868;
    The last Asian was Anchal whose heritage comes from India. Also, I would have traded Marvita (♥) for Saleisha any day. D:

    So, explanation! If any of you actually read this, kudos!

    Contestant with the most consecutive first call-outs: Chantal Jones, 2 times
    Contestants with the most collective first call-outs: Lisa Jackson, 3 Times
    Contestants with the most consecutive bottom two appearances: Janet Mills and Victoria Marshman, all 2 times
    Contestant with the most collective bottom two appearances: Ebony Morgan, 3 times
    Top 5's Means (excluding last two): Chantal: 4 Ebony: 5.2 Jenah: 3.18 Lisa: 2.81 Heather: 2.81
    Top 5's Medians (excluding last two): Chantal: 4 Ebony: 4.5 Jenah: 3 Lisa: 2 Heather: 2[/SIZE]
    Wow, that was very well thought out, and I agree with you that Heather should have won! (BTW I did read it, but didn't want to repost the body)
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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    13. Ebony
    12. Victoria
    11. Saleisha
    10. Janet
    9. Mila
    8. Bianca
    7. Ambreal
    6. Heather
    5. Jenah
    4. Kimberly
    3. Sarah
    2. Chantal
    1. Lisa
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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    cycle 8:
    13. Kathleen - you guys know why. haha
    12. Diana - fading into the background, boring.
    11. Cassandra - just terrible
    10. Whitney - just doesn't look like a model
    9. Jael - two nice photos and three weak photos..
    8. Natasha - i don't know why... haha
    7. Jaslene - falling
    6. Sarah - stupid reason, probably bad commercial
    5. Brittany - go-sees.
    4. Dionne - not strong as the others
    3. Felicia
    2. Samantha
    1. Renee

    I do think cycle 3's order of elimination is ok, excluding the final:
    3. Eva
    2. Amanda
    1. Yaya

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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    Cycle 1 first:
    10. Giselle
    9. Tessa
    8. Nicole
    7. Kesse
    6. Katie
    5. Robyn
    4. Ebony
    3. Shannon
    2. Adrianne
    1. Elyse

    Cycle 2
    11. Heather
    10. Bethany
    9. Xiomara
    8. Jenascia
    7. Catie
    6. Mercedes
    5. Camille
    4. Sara
    3. Shandi
    2. April
    1. Yoanna

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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    10. Tessa
    9. Kati
    8. Ebony
    7. Nicole
    6. Robin
    5. Giselle
    4. Shannon
    3. Adrienne
    2. Kesse
    1. Elyse

    1. Shannon | 2. Shandi | 3. Amanda | 4. Kahlen | 5. Nik | 6. Joanie | 7. Melrose | 8. Jaslene | 9. Jenah | 10. Anya

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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    Cycle 9

    13) Saleisha
    12) Bianca
    11) Ambreal
    10) Janet
    9) Victoria
    8) Sarah
    7) Lisa
    6) Mila
    5) Jenah
    4) Heather
    3) Kimberly
    2) Ebony
    1) Chantal

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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    based on the potential that i saw... or didn't see

    13- mila
    12- kimberly
    11- janet
    10- saleisha
    9- ambreal
    8- victoria
    7- ebony
    6- sarah
    5- chantal
    4- bianca
    3- lisa
    2- jenah
    1- heather
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    Re: How the elimination order should have went

    Bring on cycle 11. cycle 10's winner = YUCK.

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