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Thread: Elyse

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    Elyse Sewell

    Age: 20

    Height/Weight: 5'10" / 115 lbs.

    Hair/Eyes: Brown hair / Blue eyes

    Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

    Occupation: Clinical Researcher

    Education: BS in Biology and BA in Spanish (achieved these degrees in three years)

    Self-Description: Motivated, pretentious and intelligent (a nerdy scholar)

    Background: Elyse has been with her boyfriend for 2 years. Her hero is Jonas Salk for his contributions to medicine.

    Favorite Things: TV show: "Elimidate" (which Elyse was watching when she learned about our show); Movie: "The Big Lebowski"; Music: indie rock; Publications: "Bust," "Jane," "The Journal of the American Medical Association"; Food: Rice Krispie Treats; Supermodel: Karen Elson

    Life Motto: Quote from Perutz: "How could the search for ultimate truth have revealed so hideous and visceral-looking an object?"

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    Elyse's "eating problem"

    In anticipation of tonight's you think Elyse is Anorexic...?

    Here are a few descriptors of common traits of anorexic:

    overachievers (Elyse's difficult double major & degree in 3 yrs), perfectionists, moody, hostile when confronted about eating habits, isolationist..

    If you actually think it could jeopardize her chance to win?
    I think its "accepted" practice in the industry...(like homosexuality) but if it is revealed she has a eating disorder would they be willing to give her the title, thus reinforcing that dangerous standard of beauty...?

    Things that make you go Uhmmm....

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    anorexia vrs. elyse

    Do you really think a person with anorexia would submit herself to being videotaped and audiotaped 24/7? My understanding of anorexia is there is deep shame and secrecy associated with it-

    And who wouldn't get defensive when complete strangers are bitchin about your eating habits? Some people don't live to eat, they just eat to live. I have a feeling that Elyse is one of these. Lucky her.

    Also, don't anorexic people have poor health in general? And if she was in poor health, would UPN have allowed her to be on the show? And besides being pale, doesn't she look healthy?

    I'm on the Elyse love train, if they eliminate her tonite, I won't watch the show any more. I'm sorry to say that they made a big deal out of Ebony and then eliminated her, they made a big deal out of the blonde girl and eliminated her. I think Elyse is doomed tonite. Show wont be worth watching without her.

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    I'm with you Cookie.
    Cute name for the anorexia thread. But then if all you get are the crumbs.....
    Elyse is a DOLL I sure hope she continues.

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    Don't Go, Elyse!

    If Elyse goes tonight we will miss having her intelligent-woman-surrounded-by-girly-girl-model-types point of view. At least we will get a few more raging confessionals, it seems by the previews of tonight's show.

    Elyse looks fine to me, and as I've said previously, if she's borderline eating disorder, so what? She wouldn't be the first model to survive on apples & oatmeal.

    The argument that it would send the wrong message if Elyse won - just because she is skinny & tall - doesn't sway me. First of all, her body type is prized by the industry. Secondly, someone like Giselle who is so pathetically wrapped up in her looks that she displays amazingly low self-esteem at the slightest criticism - I think that is sending a very powerful message, and not a positive one.

    Which would you prefer your 13-year-old girl who dreams of being a glamorous model look up to: someone who cries about her acne, or someone who is articulate and has clear-cut goals beyond the world of modeling?
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Deep Dish

    Re: Don't Go, Elyse!

    Originally posted by hepcat
    Which would you prefer your 13-year-old girl who dreams of being a glamorous model look up to: someone who cries about her acne, or someone who is articulate and has clear-cut goals beyond the world of modeling?
    hepcat, I know and agree with the point you're making but I disagree with your example.

    In "real life," the 13 year old who wants to be model should not even think about "clear-cut goals beyond the world of modeling." This is a tough business and if you are concerned with what you'll do after your 5 year stint, you won't be making it too far.

    Worrying about acne is what working models do. Griping about how intelligence isn't needed on a photoshoot is what non-models on reality tv do.

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    Hmmm....stop making me thing, DD!

    My daughter's not old enough yet, but if she tells me at 13 she wants to be a model and that's that, while I would help her explore this as a career choice, I would do everything in my power to encourage her to develop her other skills & talents.

    It just worries me because plenty of girls use that narrow vision thing with the mistaken impression that if they want it enough, it will happen. Sure, winners say that...but plenty of other girls - even in the first show - wanted it more than Elyse and they are gone. In RL, I would want my daughter to have more of a balanced approach to life.

    But you're right, this isn't RL or even the real modeling world. Elyse gripes about things and it's like, what did you expect? Most of the girls seem to strident to really succeed.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Not all skinny ppl are anorexic

    I'm new here so please forgive any mistakes I make! Anyway...would ppl please stop yelling "anorexic" every time they see a skinny girl. (People in general, not in this forum) Anorexic ppl don't eat at all. Elyse has been on camera eating many times. Just because she doesn't stuff her face with a Big Mac and fries and a super sized Coke doesn't make her anorexic. IMO society is trying to be too PC with overweight ppl and making healthy ppl feel like they are in the wrong. While Elyse may be a little thin, I know many women like her who are just built that way. I am a lean woman who, many times, has been asked if she has an eating disorder. I prefer to take care of my body because it has to take care of me. The models on the show need to leave Elyse alone and focus on themselves. Thanks for letting me rant! BTW this is a great forum!!!

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    Ok, you know what? Quit picking on Elyse! The Girl should have her own privacy! I mean, we can wonder if she's a Anorexic, but it's none of our business to act like she is one. Not talking to those of you who get my point.

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    I think Elyse is just fine. I don't think this problem would have even been commented on if it weren't for Robin starting trouble. Those two can't stand each other but I don't see Elyse starting rumors about Robin. I can't wait to see Robin kicked off the show. Maybe Elyse should start rumors about Robin being a bigot or something. She, at least, would have a solid basis for saying it. So what if Elyse is thin--Robin has a fat butt and maybe someone should tell her she needs to take off a few pounds. I wonder how she would like hearing that.

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