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Thread: Elyse

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    ok...that is cool...I actually like Elyse, she is going thru things too..the competition is heating and brings out our basest nature sometimes...However I understand her issues, and I like her...

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    Yeah. I think Elyse is easily the most interesting person on the show. She is candid about her weaknesses, as Adrianne is, and it gives them more depth. I was really happy when the journalist guy pointed out that the Christians were a little one-dimensional because of the degree with which they wore their religion on their sleeve. Because they see themselves as models of Christianity, you don't hear them lamenting about how competition is turning them into people they don't even recognize, or that they can't stand Giselle but are nice to her because she has a straightening iron. Elyse's and Adrienne's candor with the audience make it easier for us to like them. If it weren't for them, I would not watch the show.

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    I feel you on that....I wish that Rob and even Shannon for that matter would see that...Christianity IMO is being least you are not attacking them, and making good points..I like that

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    Did anyone notice that there have more scenes with Elyse eating lately?

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    I have noticed that..I find amusing..anything for ratings

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    I don't see why showing Elyse eating would be for ratings. Oooh, tune in and watch the skinny girl eat!

    I think it was just a coinky-dink.
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    I think it was done to dispell the rumors that she is not anorexic....If she is anorexic, I think the model business would cover that us, consider their affinity to tall, skinny women

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    I thought you might be interested in this article form US weekly.
    Title: " Meow! Next Top Model's Elyse"
    " She's definately got the look to win America's Next Top Model, But Elyse Sewell, the 21 year-old atheist and aspiring doctor from Albuquerqe, is anything but a brain-dead beuty. Us caught up with the front-runner in UPN's juicy reality compettition.

    Us weekly: "So, what do you really think of the others?"

    Elyse: "Adrianne's the only one I keep in touch with. Shannon was nice. I can't say anything about Robin- What if I see her again and she trie to gauge out my eye?

    Us weekly: " Your roommates accused you of being bulimic. Well?"

    Elyse: "I don't have an eating disorder! I suspect their motivation in saying that was not actual concern. Shannon would squirt spray butter directly into her mouth! That's no more healthy than eating oatmeal at a pizza parlor."

    Us weekly: " Did Robin's and Shannon's religious extremity get to you?"

    Elyse: " It was hypocritical: They wouldn't talk to Ebony's [lesbian] girlfriend, but they had no qualms aboutkissing up to the people who might help them."

    Us weekly: " Your boyfriend is in a hot indie band, the shins. Are you two the next Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin?"

    Elyse: " No. We maybe have enough collective fame to start a car delership"
    "Lara Cohen"

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    Elyse: " No. We maybe have enough collective fame to start a car delership"

    Now, that's funny. I like her so much. I hope she wins or Adrienne. Either one would make me happy. And just because one of them wins doesn't mean that they can't have a modeling career of their own. I'm sure many people in the modeling industry are watching this show and might offer the runner-up a contract too.

    I think Adrienne has worked really hard for this and seems to need the money so I will be happy for her if she wins.

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    well, if Elyse or Adrienne win I won't be upset..even if Robin loses I am still watching the show....I like to see people get their dreams....Elyse is a candid girl...if Rob loses believe it or not I would like to see her win...IMO she is the 2nd most deserving beleive it or not.....

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