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Thread: Elyse

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    I like her.

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    No contestants don't know who won unless she was the winner or the she was the final two. So, if Elyse says that she knows the winner, that might mean that she was at least the last two? Because all other contestants who were axed already do "Not" know who won... What do you all think??

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    In all of the articles from the axed models they speculate on who wins and mention a name. Did Elyse mention a winner by name or venture a guess?

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    Originally posted by dizzyErinyes
    Whatever. I kind of am glad that she didn't "win," because it would definitely interfer in her aspirations to become a doctor. I'm just glad she made it this far, and I want her to win second place -- Adrianne deserves to win because she really wants it, is sincere and committed, and has only had one really bad episode (Paris I), and Elyse should be the runner up just to show those idiot girls she's better than they give her credit for.
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    Elyse and medical school...

    I'm really confused about Elyse and medical school. They made it seem as though she was already accepted somewhere, and if she won, she'd defer that acceptance. And in one of the episodes in the gym, she's wearing a University of Minnesota t-shirt. Since we know she went to New Mexico, I assumed that meant she was going to University of Minnesota medical (not shabby!).

    But that article makes it seem as though she hasn't heard from medical schools yet. Does anyone know? Did I misunderstand the first couple of episodes?

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    I don't know. In her initial interview she said that she could defer medical school but not age. I do not think she was using "defer" in the sense that she had already been accepted. Rather, she meant that she will only be 20 for twelve months while medical school did not have an age limit, so it could be put off for the future.

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    about the article

    If the producers are smart enough, they probably have the girls all signed undisclosure clauses. If Elyse did win the contest, she probably would still have to wait till the show finishes before the judges fulfills the modeling contract.

    Well, that's what I think anyway.

    I hope Adrianne wins though, simply because she NEEDS it more than Elyse.

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    Elyse is pretty but I do worry about her health...if she is naturally that way, OK(I know women who naturally like that)...However, if I had to chose between her and ROb, I would pick Rob all the time....

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    Robin is obese, what? Robin is far from fat.....not even close....She just got hips which many women do.....she has the perfect feminine figure IMO..I am not knocking Elyse cause you are what God made you....However, for the people who say Robin is fat, the woman used to 240 lbs....How much weight can you lose....I think the way is right now, looks great on her..It is sad that we are so critical....I am not going to criticize Elyse for her weight, but the Modeling industry needs to stop the madness.....

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    I think I'm easiest on Elyse because she *doesn't* go around saying she's a nice person. She just says she's smarter than the other girls, and she is.

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