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Thread: Elyse

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    When Elyse appeared on his show, Jimmy Kimmel said she was going to win. Anyone know if he was intentionally lying to confuse fans or if he just assumed wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kchamber
    When Elyse appeared on his show, Jimmy Kimmel said she was going to win. Anyone know if he was intentionally lying to confuse fans or if he just assumed wrong?
    I think that comment was based on nothing. He was just joking.

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    maybe Jimmy Kimmel was giving his opinion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tajmahal
    In anticipation of tonight's you think Elyse is Anorexic...?

    Here are a few descriptors of common traits of anorexic:

    overachievers (Elyse's difficult double major & degree in 3 yrs), perfectionists, moody, hostile when confronted about eating habits, isolationist..

    If you actually think it could jeopardize her chance to win?
    I think its "accepted" practice in the industry...(like homosexuality) but if it is revealed she has a eating disorder would they be willing to give her the title, thus reinforcing that dangerous standard of beauty...?

    Things that make you go Uhmmm....
    Gawd woman(or man) is everyone who's thin anorexic?? I'm on the lean side too and several ppl have asked me that. It's seriously annoying and i noticed that all of the people who asked me that were more-than-slightly overweight. I think america needs to view bodies as more than objects again. Bodies come in different sizes and just cuz you happen to have a thin body doesn't mean you have all the eating problems ever known to mankind. As for her bitchfests..well she has her bad days and who wouldn't, living with those whiny superficial air-heads? She calms down after all the venting and is totally ok again. I think elyse is cool and though i am a christian i still like her. She's the only sincere person in the whole bunch. Rock on Elyse!!! even tho the show is over....

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    link to elyse

    her fan web link are, she has an yahoo group to, you can find it on her web......

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    I've only seen the first few episodes up here in Canada and I'm not even going to touch on the possible eating disorder speculation.

    I love that Elyse had a healthy attitude about modelling.
    It was not the be all and end all for her.
    I'm sure many would argue that isn't the attitude to take when you're in a competition, but I found it refreshing that she wasn't as intense as some of the other contestants.

    I thought her "snake" picture was beautiful too.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Misconceptions about people with eating disorders..

    "Anorexic ppl don't eat at all. "

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anorexic people DO eat, and often make a point of eating in front of others in order to appear healthier than they really are. Anyone who stops eating completely will die within a matter of months. People with anorexia can live for many years, depending on their level of starvation. They may eat very erratically, or only certain foods, or all foods in miniscule amounts, but they must eat sometimes. It is also a misconception that a person with anorexia would not be able to withstand an active, public life. On the contrary, many anorexics are highly driven, and can push themselves to amazing limits.

    Since fashion models are heavily made up and their photographs retouched, it's often difficult to see signs of poor health beyond a skeletal body. For this reason, it's really hard to say who actually eats enough and who is probably eating-disordered. Makeup artists in the high fashion world are experts at making dull, malnourished skin look glowing and healthy.

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    This was the original Elyse Sewell thread.

    I'm bumping it to say that Elyse has a live journal that she updates frequently. It's one of the best live journals I've read anywhere, regardless of the subject. She's a great writer with a razor-sharp wit, and always includes pictures.
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    I agree, her livejournal is amazing.

    I love all of the pictures she posts.

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    I agree, hepcat - Elyse's livejournal is a great read. Very entertaining.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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