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Thread: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    hmmm... im entitled to my judgment right... here are my rankings...

    1. Ebony - personally, i love this shot... the pose and the interaction with the surroundings... Ebony is truly a fierce model..
    2. Heather - there's something about the picture, it has a story to tell... and the drama is really believable, it's fascinating to think that Heather could do a super duper stunning photo, at the same time do another which is so ugly, but you have no choice but to like it.
    3. Bianca - amazingly expected, Binx blew me away, I love her new look... haha.. and you can see some passion in her eyes, though the pose is quite dumb and ordinary, there is something about the pic that makes you want to look a second time... and the second time is the last time.
    4. Jenah - This photo reminds me of Melrose Bickerstaff from Cycle 7... wow... I cant believe that jenah is now the front runner... I like her interaction with surroundings, and the eyes are really intense... the only bad thing about this photo is being a freaking moss
    5. Lisa - well Lisa is consistently in the top of this competition, and I guess it's easy for her to take a good picture... I really can't see anything from the photo, but her skin... IMAO... i don't know, I guess the other pictures are so bad that Lisa's ranked higher for me
    6. Victoria - too bad they let her go so soon... i like this shot better than her photo last week... there's something so serene and effervescent about her photo, that interests me... but she was already sent home... and too bad for the Victorie fans.. wait the hands are ugly
    7. Janet - wow, I could not believe that this was Janet... IMAO... lol.. well the pose was great but her eyes are so squinted that you cant fell her presence in this shot... she's freaking hot...
    8. Ambreal - the reason why this photo was higher that the others is the fact that I really loved roses.. I thought Ambreal will gonna have some freaking thorns, mounted so huge in her nose and lips... just kidding... ambreal is just so one dimensional.
    9. Chantal - wow... Chantal fell in my rankings this week.. great body pose but the eyes are so dead... Im just so into her makeover picture.. But this baby's breath shot was stunningly horrendous... she looked old, with that heavy make up... I hope chantal could make up to it next week...
    10. Sarah - there's absolutely nothing good about this shot...her eyes are weird, and the body pose is extremely so common... well honestly I haven't watch the episode yet, but I really don't like this shot..
    11. Saleisha - for the 2nd week in a row, her photo sucked. She looked like the fusion of a freaking Zombie and Cousin It from the adam's family, yet the look is so much worst than the two... oh em gee... The tulips are experiencing drought with this shot.. it's like tulips in the desert... gee... I don't have anything good to say about this photo... yuck.! wait... is she touching her cr*ch?
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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Jenal still my favourite this week..
    she's gorgeous!
    by the way
    bianca looks like eugena in this pic

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Jenah looks SO much like Caridee in this shot. She rocked it.
    I think Heather did great considering her makeup and everything, im sure that the other girls would have easily gotten lost in the makeup and not pulled off such a good photo. I also really like Ebonys Janets & Sarahs

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    This is a great group this season, I think all those photos are gorgeous.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Jungle jungle jungle! I love all of them! Especially Jenah, Chantal, Lisa, Sarah, Ambreal... oh ALL of them!

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    I'm still mad they gave heather weeds wtf. That seemed like a test. Give her a pretty weed at least like a dandelion or the one where you blow and it sends furry things around. Jenah looks like a CariDee-Nata-Renee hybrid.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants


    those are my rankings. once again, a horrible photo from bianca. victoria, saleisha, and chantal disappointed me. some girls didn't deliver.

    but some did, for instance..jenah, heather, ebony, sarah...

    lionel deluy was fierce.
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    I absolutely loved, Jenah, Lisa, Janet, Ebony, Sarah, and Selisha's pictures. Bianca's was like Ms. Jay said, "A Dead Flower".

    The more I look at Selisha's picture, the more it sort of look like one of Diana Ross's album covers.

    Heather was just okay. Now I would have eliminated Bianca over Victoria because her picture was just sooo wrong.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Quote Originally Posted by GuruBishisama;2607921;
    I like the face in Saleisha's, but the body is all wrong.
    As for Heather... I think it would have been really wrong for her to try and be glamorous when her concept didn't fit that. She went with her concept of "Weeds". Come on, the other girls all had pretty, exotic plants. She was pushed in a totally different direction--grungy, and as Jay put it, an attacker. I think she worked well with her theme. Did much better than half the girls.
    And Heather isn't the only contestant who people will praise no matter what. Alice of AusNTM, anyone? Plus, there are numerous people here on FORT who have their own personal favorites who they will love no matter what. It's easy enough to find if you look.
    I agree with you about the Heather picture. She had to play grungy.
    I think it works well with the photo. It looks like shes part of the weeds.
    I like it.

    I also like Ambreal's, Victoria's, Ebony's, Jenah's, and maybe Saleisha's? Saleisha's hair is the bomb though, I'll give you that.

    Im glad Tyra let the girls show off their hair in this photoshoot.
    Unlike cycle 7. Didnt they do Hair Wars on the make over episode?
    Anyway, yeah thats what I meant.

    So props cycle 9!
    People, get my school a tv show. I'd be the reality villan. Recognize, hoes.
    Amis, Lauren, Anya

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Chantal looks like Catie Anderson in the Adam and Eve photoshoot of C2

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