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Thread: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Average photos this week.


    Anyone not mentioned in the above category or the one below.


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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Quote Originally Posted by cascade2;2608307;
    Chantal looks like Catie Anderson in the Adam and Eve photoshoot of C2
    Yeahh I think so

    Thank you posing.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    is it me or jenah in this photo looks like natasha?

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Top three were easy for me. As was last (Bianca). The rest I had to think of the flower or weed they were trying to portray.

    1. Jenah
    2. Ebony
    3. Lisa

    Middle of the pack

    4. Sarah
    5. Heather (She looks awful like a weed and the make-up was bad but I like the body and hand posture. I just wish she would be face forward)
    6. Janet
    7. Victoria (ONLY because of the neck folds. If you photoshopped them out, I would have her a place or two higher)
    8. Chantel (boring)
    9. Saleisha
    10. Ambreal
    11. Bianca

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    Jenah and Lisa really kicked butt again this week, but overall, this was still a really good photo shoot. I'm still not sold on Heather though, she is the most beautiful on the show yet her photos are never the home run I expect them to be. Top choices for the third photo shoot:

    1. Jenah
    2. Lisa
    3. Ebony
    4. Heather
    5. Janet
    6. Ambriel
    7. Sarah
    8. Chantal
    9. Saleisha
    10. Victoria
    11. Bianca

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    1. Jenah (flawless, words cant describe the perfection)
    2. Heather (i love this photo because it isn't pretty but she is portraying weeds, look at her hand strangling the other plant, heather felt it)
    3. Ebony ( this photo rocks her pose is incredible)
    4. Sarah (love how she is blending in with the plant)
    5. Janet ( love it, wish she would have blended in a bit more tho)
    6. Lisa (She looks so exotic)
    7. Ambreal ( love the pose, her face needs work)
    8. Bianca (im sure she had a better shot, she just looks bleh)
    9. Saleisha ( no passion in her eyes at all)
    10. Victoria (cacti arent insecure they are fierce)
    11. Chantal (shes just there)

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    A few thoughts:

    Bianca's eyes do not match the sunniness of sunflowers. Her face and body do.

    Chantal's eyes actually work here (the lost/innocent) look, but her mouth ruins it. If she had a slight innocent smile, it'd worked.

    Ebony's snootiness matches the attitude I feel when I see a bird of paradise, but it's a little over the top. Also, there's a flower near where you start to see her left leg show that makes that area look a bit risque. That, however is not her fault.

    Heather's pic is great, but there are several weeds that have flowers that would show both ugly and beauty. One flower in particular is milkweed, which grows up to three feet high, has ugly thick stems, but some of the prettiest flowers on the top of it. It would work well here, even if they had to use fake ones as some have serious allergies to milkweed. Dandelions would've been great here - either gold or the balls of fluff people like a lot.

    Jenah is great in her pic, but the gigantic snail kind of ruins the effect. It makes her look like she's in the Jurassic era instead of a garden. Her face is channeling a bit of Natasha from last season too, but I think that's more because of her hairstyle as well.

    Lisa's got the attitude of bamboo down to me, but it is a safe pic. She needs to try to vary her emotions or she won't make it too far.

    Saleisha's is a mess. Her face is all right despite her eyes being partially covered. Her body expressions and her hand near her crotch ruin the overall effect. It gives me a different impression of a tulip... and not one I can say here.

    Sarah's is beautiful, and my favorite this week. She's got the right idea for an ivy and looks like she is ivy. I also think the judges are a little off about her losing weight based on that pic. The ivy does create an optical illusion she's lost weight. She does need to make sure she doesn't start losing too much, as she looks like a real girl... not plus sized, not stick figure. I think if she keeps up her shoots like this, she'll be the first plus sized girl since Robin first cycle to make it to the overseas shoots.

    Victoria - it's a great shot overall, but it doesn't reflect the sharpness of cacti. I don't mind the creases in her neck because it does at least add to the effect she's supposed to be a cactus (as in more spines from it). That said, she probably had better shots, and what got her eliminated was her bickering with Twiggy. She probably had a weaker shot chosen because of that attitude. I think she should've stayed over Saleisha this round because her photo is much better, and if she had bickered with Twiggy for a fourth time, she'd go home. At least she did say honestly that since she found out this wasn't for her, she's glad she didn't take someone's dream away.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    victoria's shot is so underated, i really like the shot.

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    chantal's mid section looks wierd

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    Re: Photoshoot 03 - Flowers & Plants

    1) Sarah
    2) Jenah
    3) Heather
    4) Lisa
    5) Ebony
    6) Janet
    7) Bianca
    8) Ambreal
    9) Victoria
    10) Chantal
    11) Saleisha
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