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Thread: ANTM 10/3/07 Recap: Hang In There, Baby.

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    Re: ANTM 10/3/07 Recap: Hang In There, Baby.

    Great job, PhoneGrrrl!

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    Re: ANTM 10/3/07 Recap: Hang In There, Baby.

    Wherein this is a highly entertaining recap, PhoneGrrrl, and you must be congratulated on a most excellent job! I loved all the subtitles, and you really captured the essence of the show with great wit and style.

    They aren’t chillaxin’ by that lovely pool, but workin’ it. And by workin’ it, I mean stomping around like they are mules with ants to kill.

    Clearly she has seen the horse stomp before, and emulates the movement as she practices her runway walk.

    The make-over comes down to a ‘ho-over

    (Tyra Mail is so tired, isn’t it?)

    Wherein we learn that Miss J understudied for the part of Nurse Ratched.

    It is important that the girls bring out what she envisions her outfits to say, which I believe is “bound by hideous fashion.”

    Ebony has a lot of shaking going on in her walk, and on the way back clips and/or body-checks Sarah as she comes out on the runway.

    Lisa has a golden outfit on and walks like there’s a pole jammed where one ought not jam a pole.

    This letter only says that they will meet with the judges the next day and one girl will be eliminated. Color me shocked!

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