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Thread: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    I like Chantal's because she tried something different. But she sort of looks like that one cartoon woman Jem lol. Bianca looks like she smelled something bad and idg why the judges liked Sarah's. She looked like a shocked horse and I could see up her nose.

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    1. Jenah - Her eyes were captivating.. As opposed to everyone, I loved her pose(loved the way she grabbed the rope, loved that she didn't climb..)
    2. Heather
    3. Lisa
    4. Sarah - It's interesting that she didn't look plus-sized in that picture..
    5. Janet
    6. Chantal - She looked like Brittany(C8) in that picture.
    7. Saleisha - loved her pose..
    8. Victoria

    9-12. All four were tied for last.
    Ambreal - I don't get it.. Why is she so high in some of your rankings?? Her body looked great.. But the face?? no..
    Bianca - When you can't take good pictures, you'll have to rely on your bitchiness to stay in the competition..
    Kimberly - I loved her pre-show but she disappointed me..
    Ebony - Great legs but the face was off..

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    I think Lisa's shot is super overrated this week. She performed much better last week, IMO.
    Jenah, Ambreal, Heather, and Victoria have my favorite shots.
    Bianca's face is a mess and a half. As is Ebony's, but her face is always a mess.

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    I love Jenah's, Chantal, Heather, and Sarah's Shot

    I hate Bianca's, Saleisha, and Victoria's Shot I think there horrible.

    Victoria did a good job last week but this is horrible looks like her promo pictures.
    Bianca is just ugly.
    Saleisha I don't know what the judges were talking this is horrible she has no face control.
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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    i love all the pictures. even though i hate Bianca her picture wasn't super bad. and i feel as if Ambreal was robbed! she should have been called in the first 3. that picture was gorgeous. but i do agree with the panel in eliminating kimberly.

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;2598311;
    I really don't like Jenah's shot! I wanted Janice to be there to tell her she looked like an amputee! Whats up with the legs?!
    I Agreed with you, Jenah's face is beautiful but her legs look very short in that shot, i have no idea why the judges called her 1st... :/

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    wow...while reading about the episode earlier today, I thought Kimberly's shot is going to be bad...but for me,she has the MOST INTERESTING look of all! and wow...all of them are good actually. mmm..

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    last night was kind of disappointing. ebony and bianca should have been in the bottom 2, their pictures were not great at all. kimberly could have stepped it up if she had stayed, i know she could have!!! heather and victoria are turning out to be amazing, their pictures were stunning
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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    This photoshoot is AWESOME... I still can't believe the fact that they all look sooooo pretty and high fashion. This cycle is going to be the best cycle ever I think (and hope so )

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    Re: Photoshoot 02 - Rock Climbing

    Wow. I must say I'm very impressed with this cycle so far. No extreme cheesiness in the photoshoots yet! Just think back to the first 2 of previous cycles.....political and high school.......stereotypes and hair wars......bald and ice princess.......superhero and country......alien and 1-800-FLOWERS.....

    the only good ones of those are bald and country.

    Anyways, my point is, the shoots havent been this good since C.3
    Bravo, antm.

    Now, on to the pictures:

    Ambreal needs to bring that head down and itd be phenomenal. It looks like she's about to sneeze.

    I actually dont mind Bianca's. Its a bit TOO angry, but its pretty good overall.

    I really dont like Chantal's. It looks like she's falling to her death, and instead of being scared like everyone else in the world would be, she sees the camera and is like "gotta look fierce!!!"

    Ebony's is a little boring and average to me. Everything about it is nice. Nothing special, nothing bad. Okay theres one thing bad. That ridiculous little leotard-tutu thing she's working. I shall name it the "leotutu". That thing is ugly.

    Can someone explain to me what's so great about Heather's? Her legs look very short and her arm looks very long. The face is nice, but that's about it.

    I lurrve Janet's. It baffles me that no one seems to like her or the picture. I happen to love it. My only problem is not her fault. But the makeup looks gross. Not the eye makeup, but the rest of it. It completely washes her out and makes her look sick and like she's about to vomit.

    Jenah's is the same as Heather's to me. Wheres the praise coming from? I actually don't like it at all. She's just sitting there. The dress is ugly and too long, and she didnt do anything to make it flattering on her. Only one leg is visible and it looks weird. And why must she always make that face?

    I have pretty much the same thing to say about Kimberly's that I said about Heather's. Legs look short, arms look oddly long, nice face, thats about it. Kind of interesting for the eliminee and second callout. Either way, I find Kimberly BEAUTIFUL and adorable, and it kinda sucked she had to go. I have to know where the hell Tyra is getting this "hoochie" crap. It's not like shes constantly waving her junk to the camera.

    Lisa's would be fabulous except for one thing. That right leg is just a bit too high. It looks strange. If she wouldve lowered it just a tiny bit it would make the picture flawless.

    Saleisha's. Hmm....see "Chantal"

    Sarah's makes me laugh, and not in a good way. It's like the photographer snuck up on her and yelled "boo!" and took the pic of her reaction. Basically what Im saying is, she looks startled.

    Victoria's is the worst to me. ick ick ick. The dress looks like some very decorative curtains, her arms are just distracting, her face is a bit TOO wide-eyed, her left leg is twisted in a way that makes it look weird, and the hair is ugly. Overall, it makes me physically uncomfortable to look at.

    haha I just noticed something. This cycle has 2 girls with the same names as my mom and my aunt. My mom's name is Kimberly and my aunt's name is Victoria.

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