View Poll Results: Which 3 girls would you most like to have us interview this cycle?

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  • Ambreal

    25 9.19%
  • Bianca

    48 17.65%
  • Chantal

    79 29.04%
  • Ebony

    44 16.18%
  • Heather

    198 72.79%
  • Janet

    15 5.51%
  • Jenah

    39 14.34%
  • Kimberly

    26 9.56%
  • Lisa

    139 51.10%
  • Saleisha

    46 16.91%
  • Sarah

    29 10.66%
  • Victoria

    118 43.38%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

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    Artist.4.TEAM HEATHER Redneck-Model's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    My favorite girls are easily Heather, Victoria, and Janet!!
    Heather is an awesome angel who is a great example for girls with disabilities! She is extremely brave for going in and dealing with all those beeyotches. I really wanna hear from Heather!

    Victoria is gorgeous and overall I think she is a true genuine person. She was NOT one of the jerks who made fun of Heather. Honestly, what did Heather do to those girls? o.O She has a mental disability.

    And well, Janet just rocks. ^^

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    Eu prometo. tylerneal09's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    saleisha, heather, victoria were my three votes. here's why:

    heather because she would be a very interesting interview, and maybe we'd get a more clear view of how she saw the competition.

    victoria because she is so different, and she's mature and would provide truthful answers. i see her as a person who sits back and just studies the girls- maybe she can provide us with insight..?

    saleisha because she's my favorite and i think she's going to win anyways!
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Team Chantal tjvalerio's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    Chantal, Lisa and Heather - my favorites in the competition

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    cycle 10! yeah! cameraLOVER's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    it's kind of hard to choose... all these girls are lovely

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    We're hot,babe! lisa6745's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    actually my favorites are jenah and Chantal
    but in this case,i wanna here someone with the good story
    Heather, Victoria and Lisa please.

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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    Victoria's answers would be boring, and she's too polite to tell it how it is.

    I can imagine...

    FORT: Tell us what you really think of Bianca?

    Victoria: I choose not to answer this question as it compromises my morals and ethics.

    I picked Heather (who wouldn't?), Bianca (she's going to be the token bitch, I would like to hear her POV) and Chantal (I think she'll go far and therefore know the girls.)

    Anyway, it sucks FORT is only allowed to interview three. I always love FORT's interviews.

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    Anya Rocks!!! Yanz's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    Heather, my favorite...
    Lisa, another favorite...
    Jenah, I also don't know why I pick her... lol

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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    lol, well after voting, i see that my top three are also the top three highest votes in the poll...

    Heather - i truly hope she wins, she looks gorgeous, i just hope she will able to cope with her social anxiety, because if she is to progress, she's going to have to put herself out there.

    Victoria - Clearly, she is a beautiful girl, I just don't think she will win with all her negativity she showed towards modeling in the beginning (saying she has no interest in fashion, she tried out as a joke, she has no passion in modeling, etc). I will peg Victoria as Cycle 9's Elyse. Elyse was very passive about her passion, and was often synical towards it, and now she is loving it and is highly successful in the buisness, I feel Victoria will be the same.

    Lisa - I don't know why I picked Lisa to be was really a toss up between her and Janet for me personally, but Lisa just has something about her that makes me want to cheer her on, probably my hate for Bianca was the driving force, but either way, this girl has a beautiful face and a great body.

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    Waiting for zob... Angkor's Avatar
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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    Heather of course
    Lisa of course ;p
    and......Bianca for the biatchhhhhhhhhhhh lol

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    Re: Poll: Which Girls Would You Put In Your "Three?"

    Please vote for Victoria! I want to know more about her! I voted for her already!

    Team Tory!

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