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Thread: America's Next Top Model 9: The Prediction Game

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    America's Next Top Model 9: The Prediction Game

    *I know The Cycle has started already and I'm a little late, but oh well, sorry*

    This is almost like a Fantasy Pool game. In this game, I will be your host and throughout this Cycle you fellow competitors will be predicting the calling order, Challenge winners and Elimination's every week until their is a winner both in this game and the actual cycle.

    Here's how it works:
    It's very simple, every week before each new episode, 13 players (Including myself) will rank each model who we think will be called first -- who will be called last, and eliminated. Whichever player gets the most correct will earn points, one point per model.

    For real high extra points each player will have one model as their main model (You can always switch after episodes) and if that main model wins a challenge you will get 10 extra points and 5 extra points will go to whichever model your main model picks to share her prize with. You also get 5 points if you are right about who got eliminated and 10 if you (somehow) got the bottom 2 correct. The higher your points are the better you are doing in the game.

    After each episode the players with the lowest score will be eliminated (If there is a tie for lowest points then no one will be eliminated ) so there might be quite a few people in the final Round. If you have a question about anything you can always PM me.
    If you would like to play please add your Username to the list with a model you think will win most of the Challenges (You can pick the same model others have picked before you) and don't forget to repost the list.

    Btw. You cannot pick Mila.
    Thanks a lot. Please sign-up ASAP before the next episode.
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    Re: America's Next Top Model 9: The Prediction Game

    I'm afraid we don't allow reality show-based games. Sorry guys, but I'm shutting down the game and closing the thread.
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