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Thread: Ebony - Cycle 9

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    It took a lot of guts, to stand up to Tyra like that.
    So fine, Ebony isn't the right material to be a model.. let her be!
    I wanted to kill Tyra right there and then! As if she perfect and never quits at anything. I think Ebony did the right thing.

    And yeah, we'll never know exactly what happend... but how many times did the models tell us that they where badly portrayed on the show?!
    ANTM has a reputation of bad editing! And Tyra acts likes she the 'model goddes', she needs to come right back down to earth and show some freakin' humility!

    I don't sound to bitter.. do I?
    (='.'=) Sweet Bunny =)

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    If Ebony has modeling talent she should be able to get jobs. As for the ANTM stigma, it hasn't harmed every girl who haven't distanced themselves from the show. Bre, Kim, Jaslene, Dani, and Eugena are examples of the ANTM stigma not harming them.
    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    I love Ebony. I think she is among the most gorgeous black girls right up there with Yaya and Danielle.
    I hope she continues to model but if she decides not to I wish her the best of luck and hope she doesn't regret not pursuing it.

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    People who have experienced real life modeling/castings and testshoots/photoshoots, know that this show has nothing to do with the reality. In fact the real fashion world is so far away from ANTM that it isn't even funny.

    When you get signed to an agency you work with people who coach you on how to pose/walk/dress/look (you don't have anything to say but only to follow). They tell you what to do, when to do, to improve and get better. While on ANTM Tyra expects the girls to learn it by themselves or she wants them to figure it out on their own even if they've never modeled before. Jay Manuel is solely there to brag about negativities instead of focusing on the positive effects and a chance of development.
    How is a girl supposed to do a shoot if she's never been in front of the camera before? Yes yellow man, I'm talking to you. You have to "coach her through every frame" if you want her to do good, that's your job! Ebony is a really smart girl and she figured out what type of crap is going on behind this rigged show, along Tyra's and Jay Manuel's manipulation about potential eliminates. I'm pretty much sure this happens every time pro-shoot. That way he can criticize the girls that are supposed to be in the bottom two, making it pretty easy for the judges to follow their scripts.

    In the real life modeling you get called back if a client likes you, if don't they tell you no thanks. Nothing more or nothing less. You're obviously not right for the job. I'm pretty positive that Ebony will have a great modeling career post the show. Hopefully she's signed to a great agency who'll look after her and mold her nicely!
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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    I was able to get an interview with Ebony, and it can be found here:

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    Quote Originally Posted by ShrinkingViolet;2631732;
    I was able to get an interview with Ebony, and it can be found here:
    Thanks for the interview. It was good. They probably knew there would be more media interest in her quiting and decided to open her up to it.

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    Quote Originally Posted by BustaK;2631006;
    The point is that Ebony quit because it was too hard.

    Had Tyra told her "Oh, it's ok. I understand." That would be worse becuase it would be an indirect way of telling Ebony it's ok to quit whenever things get hard. That type of attitude would get Ebony nowhere outside of the ghetto.

    Telling her "Quitters disappoint me" is another way of telling her that whatever she does in life, things aren't always going to go her way so at one point she's going to have to tough it up or continue being mediocre.

    It seemed Tyra wanted her to go to the finals and maybe her quitting over something so expected like criticism just upset Tyra because of the potential going down the drain.

    I like Ebony, there is something very sweet about her but the girl needs to toughen up if she wants to make anything of herself. Tyra was right in what she did though.
    Please read the numerous interviews with Ebony circulating around the internet; in every single one, she states that she leaves the competition primarily because she misses her family, not because she feels the competition is too hard.

    I'm honestly quite grateful that she decided to withdraw from the competition at this point; at least she didn't go even further, ruining an even larger number of girls' chances, and then "quit". Ebony had the guts to own up to her actions and tell Tyra the truth, and I completely respect her for that.

    She is by FAR one of my favorite contestants the show has ever had!
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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    greenie227, mayukhers112, Cream
    Thank's for backing Ebony!!! I too also wish that she become a successful model and have a great agency!
    She's really pretty!
    The interview is great! And I hope we see her in magazine cover soon!

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    I feel I was watching an ironic tragedy at the end of this week episode.
    Ebody lost herself in the competition.She wasn't happy and lost her confidence,compared to the casting video.
    and I know it's embarrassing for Tyra that one of the contestants wanted to quit her competition,but the quitter blah blah is like an excuse that Tyra wanted to save her show's reputation.
    It's hard to separate from one's family,especially in such a high pressure situation,which I wanna point out is that as an experienced top model like Tyra,giving critique isn't the only thing she can do for the contestants.She should do some help actually.

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    Re: Ebony - Cycle 9

    Quote Originally Posted by reneealldeway19;2630225;
    I was pretty POed at Tyra, because she was like all "I don't like quitters!" Ebony was NOT quitting, she was giving her spot to Ambreal, because she felt that Ambreal deserved to be here and she didn't.
    I'm thinking about back in C7 when Anchal was eliminated, with Michelle in the B2. She put them there because she didn't feel they wanted it enough and that there were so many girls who would've want to be in their spots. So when Ebony gives up her spot for someone else it makes her a bad person.

    Tyra always talks about how she wants the winner to want this, what if Ebony had not spoken up, won, and then quit? Isn't it better to quit earlier on?

    She really contradicts herself.

    And what's more unattractive; a quitter or someone that doesn't speak up for themselves in situations that make them unhappy? Ebony was being true to herself in the situation, it took the form of quitting in this case, but it really could've been anything.

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