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Thread: Chantal - Cycle 9

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    Quote Originally Posted by BustaK;2718446;
    Is that a blond joke?
    nope I'm not blonde. bouuhouu game over lol
    but...originally it wasn't a joke

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    [QUOTE=Hot Mess 10023;2718434;]her walk was because they have her on a tight long fitted dress as opposed to Saleisha's loose fitting, high in the front dress.QUOTE]

    I totally agree. Saleisha walk was real good but I did notice the dresses. I was like what is going on. She was getting the prettier dresses and Chantal had that long train on her dress. I know that guy had to know not to get that close.

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    I actually think Chantal got the most beautiful dresses. The black one was magical but the problem was that they were uncomfortable. Saleisha's dresses were not as beautiful but they were really loose so it was easier to walk.

    Chantal's walk has always been weird for me.

    The dresses of that designer were beautiful. I love that designer.
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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    Chantal definitely deserves to be the winner,
    And I think the editor or someone else perhaps just didn't edit the parts of the clips of Chantal, and that make the auidence think she doesn't have that 'change' and growing up as Saleisha has...damn it :-(
    Chantal, I hope you can inspire the designer around the world,
    even you cannot be the top in the bunch on the harsh reality show, but I think the high-fashion world will welcome you!
    "I think the experience is much more than the prize"Heather

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Dax;2718763;
    I actually think Chantal got the most beautiful dresses.
    I agree. Chantal defeinitely had the better dresses during the runway. That first one was especially great.

    Yeah, her walk wasn't that great. She was too stiff. But, honestly, if you watch any big time fashion show, there are plenty of top models who don't have the greatest walk. See Freja or Sasha on the runway, you'll want to cover your eyes.

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    I hope she continues to pursue modelling and not be discouraged by the tootieleisha win.

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    I hated how they tried to make Chantal look guilty for the stilts guy falling down. Her train was too long and he happened to trip on it. Yeah, she should've recovered, but you can't blame her for that.
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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    I loved CHANTAL I felt that she should have won! Up until the final runway walk she was really great and I thought Jenah was her biggest competition when she was eliminated I was like Chantal is the winner. Her walk wasn't great but it was good and the stilts guy did cost her the competition but I felt if that didn't happen she would be the winner this second.

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    What's with the blonde thing? There have been some incredibly strong blondes, and only one has won. Tyra obviously has the idea blondes are too "Barbie Doll", but they can be beautifully fierce. Should be more about body type and talent.
    Chantal was robbed!

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    Re: Chantal - Cycle 9

    I think she'll do fine w/out the title of ANTM to tack to her name. She deserved the title even w/o a winning runway walk (like Caridee). She can learn how to walk better on the runway.
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