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Thread: Victoria - Cycle 9

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    Re: Victoria - Cycle 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiest;2881026;
    Poor Victoria. The sweet, timid little thing is always getting threatened and vilified. She's made out to seem like she is foaming at the mouth while holding a running chainsaw in one hand.
    This made me laugh out loud.

    I really do sympathize with her though. The stigma of going to a school that some people characterize as academically pretentious can be super frustrating. I'm glad it hasn't affected Kat.

    I loved when Victoria wrote about how Tyra told her not to try to control her judging room. I just love that stuff like that gets edited out.
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    Re: Victoria - Cycle 9

    I love Victoria whenever I watch re-runs. She's so funny in such a witty way. She makes Tyra look dumber than she already is.

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    Re: Victoria - Cycle 9

    Is she invited in the fiercee awards?
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