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Thread: ANTM cycle 8 marathon on MTV

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    ANTM cycle 8 marathon on MTV

    Guess what I just discovered at ! (especially for people like me who may have missed an episode or two);there is a cycle 8 ANTM marathon on MTV June3rd. (Since I live on the Texas Gulf Coast the listings I give are Central Daylight Savings Time=CDT): TV Listings - America's Next Top Model (11 total TV Listings)

    Title Date & Time Channel/

    The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking Sun, Jun 3
    6:30 AM MTV

    The Girls Who Go to Prom Sun, Jun 3
    8:30 AM MTV

    The Girl Who Cries All the Time Sun, Jun 3
    9:30 AM MTV

    The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude Sun, Jun 3
    10:30 AM MTV

    The Girl Who Takes Credit Sun, Jun 3
    11:30 AM MTV

    The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool Sun, Jun 3
    12:30 PM MTV

    The Girl Who Impresses Pedro Sun, Jun 3
    1:30 PM MTV

    The Girls Who Go Down Under Sun, Jun 3
    2:30 PM MTV

    The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver Sun, Jun 3
    3:30 PM MTV

    The Girl Who Does Not Want to Dance Sun, Jun 3
    4:30 PM MTV

    The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model Sun, Jun 3
    5:30 PM MTV
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    Re: ANTM cycle 7 marathon on MTV

    Ummmm, I think you mean cycle 8, but cool!
    I miss AJ!!
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