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Thread: Best/Worst Runway

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    1. Dsquared (actual fashion)
    2. Gharani Strok (great effects)
    3. Walking on water (a cool concept but it still doens't take away from the clothes)
    4. Evolution of women. I don't really know why but it was something about it that drew me in.
    5. Thai temple. I like that they used the temple but it was a bit too long.
    6. Baby Phat. Simple, but in retrospect a bit too generic. But C1, still is the best regarding real life modelling IMO
    7. Japanese. Very slow and a bit boring.
    8. Ghost brides. Mainly because they didn't even pretend that it was a real fashion show

    Everyone were interesting to watch, but 1-6 (on my list) are the good ones. Ghost brides was fun to watch but not out of a fashion point of view.

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    I liked the ghostly bride very much. I think it is the best and it is so funny!

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    I find the ones I watch the most on YouTube are the C4, C5, and C8 runway shows. I just think all three are amazing.

    C2 was also good, the most realistic.
    C1 was boring and for the most part I HATED the clothes.
    C3 had a cool concept but it went too slow for my tastes.
    C6 I don't really know what to say about it. I liked it but something seemed missing.
    C7... awful. awful. awful. Nothing redeeming about it.

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    1. Dsquared
    2. Cycle 5 Runway( I really love it! the clothes, hair and make up. It's a simple runway. And Nicole was AMAZING!)
    3. Walking on Water( I really like it, it's so cool!)
    4. Sass&Bide (I love the Idea, and the runway it's so cool the clothes also, but I don't like the final 2 sorry)
    5. Thai Temple (Too long!)
    6. Japanese Runway( Too slow)
    7. Ghost Bride

    Haven't watch the Baby Phat one.
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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    i did not watch the baby phat so here's my list

    1. D2 (mercedes ROCKSSS)
    2. runway on water (i want kahlen back!!!)
    7. C6 (wow love danielle's walk)
    8. C5
    50. evolution of women (because cha cha diva is there...)
    100. japanese runway (fell asleep)
    100000000000000000000000000000 00. ghost bride (it's just a mess)

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    1. walking on water (such poewr,emotion, great model walks and great clothes- jut the way a runway show should be)
    2 cycle 5
    3 bankok
    "dat stank ho poured duh beer on ma WEAVE!" Tiffany
    "looks to the" Kahlen
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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    ok i would say cycle 2 & 4 best runway for worst i agree with you all on cycle 3 it looked ridiculous and it bored me to death

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    Best and worst

    C1 Eylese
    C2 Mercedes
    C3 Ann BY FAR
    C4 fuglymohawkgirl (I HATE this girl but she soooooo turned it out)
    C5 Cassandra
    C6 Leslie
    C7 Megg
    C8 From the pre show videos I would say Renee and Cassandra

    C1 Robin
    C2 Heather
    C3 Kristy
    C4 Sarah
    C5 Sarah
    C6 Gina WTF!
    C7 Caridee (still bad)
    C8 Oh lord, they gave the title to Jaz just by putting Natasha up there

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    1. I think the best is the runway on water... two thumbs up!!!
    2. Evolution of women, Jaslene rocks!
    3. Runway in Japan & Thailand... So ethnic!
    And the worst.... of course, the ghost bride.

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    best runway walkers:
    cycle 1 _ shannon
    cycle 2 _ mercedes
    cycle 3 _ yaya
    cycle 4 _ naima, kahlen
    cycle 5 _ kyle
    cycle 6 _ joanie, danielle
    cycle 7 _ melrose (no doubt)
    cycle 8 _ jaslene, renee

    worst runway walkers:
    cycle 1 _ robin
    cycle 2 _ catie
    cycle 3 _ norelle
    cycle 4 _ michelle
    cycle 5 _ sarah
    cycle 6 _ kari
    cycle 7 _ amanda
    cycle 8 _ brittany

    best fashion shows:
    cycle 4 and 5

    worst fashion shows:
    cycle 6, 7, and 8

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