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Thread: Best/Worst Runway

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    C1- idk...runway didn't really matter in C1
    C2- Mercedes and april
    C3- eva and yaya
    C4- niama, brittany, and kahlen
    C5- nicole, coryn, bre, and nik
    C6- molliesue, joanie, and danielle

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    Bre's walk is scary, but i really love watching it

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    FasHiOn LuvER
    Here are my finalist asessments.
    Adrianne: Strong but very stiff and controlled.
    Shannon: Fierce, strong, powerful = SHE OWNED IT
    Yoanna: Fierce but theres something in turn she makes after the pose, NOT GOOD.
    Mercedes: FIERCE!!! So good they used it as a opening, so powerful.
    Eva and Yaya: I know they both rock at runway, but that show, Erggh!!!
    Naima: OMG, is it just me or was better than Tyra.
    Kahlen: Great power and look but didnt own it.
    Nicole: FABULOUS, but she slouched.
    Nik. I LOVE THIS WALK. I didn't like how the judges said it wasn't gret.
    Danielle: Fierce, Fabulous, Tantilizing and Traditional.
    Joanie: The first one was good, but the second was GREAT.
    What do you guys think?

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    S1 - Shannon
    S2 - Camille!! (I LOVE her signature walk. LOL)
    S3 - Yaya / Ann
    S4 - Naima
    S5 - Nicole / Nik
    S6 - JADE!!
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    S1 - Shannon
    S2 - Camille, Mercedes, Yoanna
    S3 - Yaya, Ann
    S4 - Naima, Rebecca, Kahlen
    S5 - Nicole, Nik
    S6 - Joanie, Danielle
    S7 - ??? (AJ......maybe?)

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    s1- i dunno..
    s2- April and Mercedes
    s3- Eva, Ann, Yaya
    s4- Naima, Kahlen
    s5- Nicole, Nik, Bre, Kyle
    s6- Jade, Joanie, Mollie Sue
    s7- Megg, AJ maybe..
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    oh yea cycle 7..

    I think AJ because her walk so classic and smooth but I like Melroses too but it too bouncy and I guess it can be scary
    Osakini?? It sounds like old-socks-and-bikini (NORELLE)

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    I'd say that Kahlen had the best walk ever. Her stomp was so fierce (uh--Tyra appears to have just somehow possessed my typewriter) and natural it was amazing. Plus she looked great.

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    Ok about Cycle 7, i'd say Melrose, Eugena and Moni.
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    c1 -ebony
    c2- Camille, mercedes (runway showdown amazing)
    c3- Eva, Yaya, Ann
    c4 -Naima, Tiffany, Rebecca
    c5- Lisa, Nik, Bre loves her horse stomp lol
    c6- Danielle for sure, Jade all the way
    c7- ??
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