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Thread: Best/Worst Runway

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    Quote Originally Posted by ANTopmodel;2988045;
    I'm surprised. I thought it would be unanimous that Katarzyna had the best walk ever. We won't even see her in the finale but we can still see she's amazing just from the snippets.

    Honourable mentions go to Kahlen and Naima. Although that show was so amazing it made them look even better than they might have been on a normal runway. I can understand the Saleisha votes but her's just doesn't do it for me. It doesn't have the class and sophistication of Katarzyna's.
    I agree with this entire post
    Katarzyna should have won ANTM
    Take this, Tyra!

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    BRE! No one can beat her! Even Tyra brought her back to teach the trainees a thing or two!
    Kat's walk is too wiggly for me. I actually don't like it. Same with Saleisha's. Its just not fierce enough!

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    I love Bre's walk too, it was soooo fierce, tyra had to give her a snap! Her's is my favorite walk, then Saleisha's.
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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    Katarzyna had a good walk, except for that one time in front of Gai Mattiolo. At that thing her walk was one of the worst I've ever seen. Saleisha was really good, and of course Bre. Kahlen had a really good walk, and as proclaimed by Tyra and the Jays "She's watching EVERY epsiode of ANTM with that walk!"

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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    bre's walk was okay, i just really found it incredibly horse-like. even a london designer didn't like it, really. my favorite walker(s) from cycle 5 were nicole and kyle, with bre following close behind.
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    Re: Best/Worst Runway

    AJ's walk was the best for me. When she walked up to Tyra to get her picture and she did that fierce walk with a little bob of the head in the end...damn, gave me chills. She was amazing. People constantly say Melrose had the best walk of Cycle 7, but AJ crushed her in all the runway challenges. I love Melrose, but her walk wasn't that great. I think people just praise it so much because it looked basically amazing in comparison to Caridee's walk.
    I miss AJ!!
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    Best Walker in Antm

    Okay since we always judge the girl's on their pictures and personality, i think runway is one of the most important aspects in modeling.

    WHo has the fiercest walk?
    who has the most elegant walk?
    who hits the best pose in the end?

    Fiercest walk
    Saleisha- this girl can walk, even though her win was undeserving, she can walk. i love what she does with her shoulders and hips. but when she poses in the end, its not strong thats her down point.

    KAtarzyna- this girl moves like a stinging bee. its fierce! she moves with her shoulders and hips and propels forward. beautiful

    Elegant walk
    Jenah- Jenah's walk is just elegant and it flows like a butterfly. it doesn't look stiff and looks gorgeous.

    Anya- this girl flows like a high fashion couture model. the pose in the end is fabolous and she knows how to walk high fashion. her walk was so fierce and fit right with the other high fashion girls in the fashion show. her hands look gorgeous when propelling down and she knows how to make wind in her hair.

    Best posers

    Dani (cycle 6)- she knows how to pose in the end of the runway. its like BAM and BAM. strong and fierce.

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    Re: Best Walker in Antm

    Best walker:

    Katarzyna - Hands down no one can beat her in Cycle 10. Not even Dominique.

    Naima - Her final runway was bam bam bam!

    Saleisha - She is a pro at runway.

    These 3 are unbeatable.
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    Re: Best Walker in Antm

    WHo has the fiercest walk?
    who hits the best pose in the end?
    NAIMA FOR SURE !!! Her finale runway blew me away !!!
    She is the best walker among all cycles !!
    Also Kat !! She is the best of cycle 10 !!

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    Re: Best Walker in Antm


    1. Saleisha - As Much As I Hate to Admit it, This Girl Owns The Runway.
    2. Danielle/Joanie - Another Reason They Were A Great FINAL TWO! Both Were Fierce at Runway
    3. Melrose - Love HER Final Runway
    4. Naima - FIERCE Final Runway As Well
    5. Katarzyna - Her Walk is A Little TOO Sexy for Me, but I Still Love It.

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