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Thread: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

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    America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    Dionne, having earned the moniker of “the girl who couldn’t stop talking,” may very well have talked herself right out of the competition, as she became the tenth girl eliminated on “America’s Next Top Model.” Having left the viewers with the image of a scowl on her face, Dionne was nothing but bubbly and fun to speak with during this interview. Find out why she gave the answer she did in panel and if there was an Operation: Get rid of Natasha conspiracy.

    Hi Dionne! Congratulations on making it to the top four.

    Thank you so much!

    How did you become interested in applying for America’s Next Top Model?

    The way that I became interested in applying for Top Model was I always wanted to model, and I was just so excited they were having an audition in my city. So, I just had my mom and my sisters and friends, who had so much influence on me and so much encouragement—that I just decided to just go ahead and try out for it. You know, they liked me and I was chosen!

    Did you have any previous modeling experience?

    No, I’ve had no modeling experience at all. Top Model is the first time that I’ve ever done any professional modeling at all.

    What are your future plans, and do they include modeling?

    Of course! My future plans they do include modeling, but right now I'm just kind of hanging out, having a little fun. This is like my little down time, but of course the future does hold modeling in it.

    What was it like for you living in a house with all those girls and being mixed up with ongoing drama?

    It was total chaos living in a house with nothing but girls, considering the fact that we had to share a bathroom, and we had to share a shower. There was only one kitchen. And, there’s always someone who’s walking around half-naked, so it was like complete chaos considering all these voices that were talking. It was just so much. Living in that house was crazy!

    You even have sisters, don’t you?

    I do! I have three sisters.

    That should have prepared you a little bit.

    [laughs] That was different because we got along. We don’t know anything about each other here, so it was crazy.

    Speaking about that, who did you have the easiest time getting along with?

    The person I had the easiest time getting along with was Felicia. She was the most easiest person to get along with considering she was just like . . . she had similarities to my baby sister, so I got along with her the most.

    Who was the most difficult one to get along with?

    In the beginning, the most difficult person to get along with I’d have to say was Renee because of her attitude problems. She would always have something negative to say or always be starting something. She would be the person I’d say that I didn’t get along with the most, but like now she is a nice person. She is a fun person to get along with.

    So, you settled your differences or whatever toward the end?

    Right, right. Correct.

    Was there any one person that was responsible for creating the most drama in the house?

    Uh, Renee was actually the only person. She was the main person out of all the trouble caused.

    Thanks to Renee, you got to see your baby. How did you cope being separated from your daughter since that had to be so hard on you.

    Yes! Well, you know the only thing I could do to keep me from thinking about her was just to not think about her at all. I had to just put her out . . . I always had her in the back of my head . . . but, I had to get in that frame of mind where, you know, this is something that I really want, and I know that she is at home safe with her dad. But, I just have to let it go for just a little while and not think about her at all. That was the only way that I could get over not thinking about her at all. When I called home, I’d hold a conversation with her for probably a minute or so because the longer I stayed on the phone with her, the more I began to miss her. So, I would always keep my conversations very short.

    Hold old is she?

    Right now she is two. She’ll be three in November.

    Our readers always like to hear another contestant’s opinion of the other girls in the house. In a one or two word description, please tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these names:

    Cassandra: Quiet and gentle.

    Brittany: I don’t really have too much to say about her. I was always kind of confused about her personality.

    Diana: She is so crazy. That’s my girl right there. She’s excellent.

    Felicia: My best friend.

    Jael: Wild and crazy.

    Jaslene: The type of person you would want to go out and go to the clubs with—something like that. She is one of those people that’s a hang-out type of buddy.

    Natasha: The most motherly person I have ever met. The most serious person I’ve ever met, as well.

    Renee: Vice-versa. She can be a bitch one day, and she can be your friend the next day. She has a split personality. I’ll put that on her!

    Samantha: I didn’t really get enough time to get to know Samantha because it was so quick, but I would have to say she had a nice personality. She was like the child of the house—the youngest of the house. So, she was more like the baby of the house.

    Sarah: Sarah is . . . [laughs] Sarah is Sarah, Sarah Von. Every time I think about Sarah, I think about Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. She had a nice, quirky, little attitude, you know what I mean? She’s nice and everything.

    Whitney: Whitney is the hangout girl—the college girl you always wanted to be.

    What would you say about yourself? (Dionne): Oh, man. I think I have one of the best personalities here. I would be that person that if you need some advice, go talk to Dionne. She’ll help you.

    How tall are you?

    I’m 5’10”.

    Do you read Fans of Reality TV?

    No, I don’t. I have not had a chance to.

    Do you feel what we saw on TV was an accurate portrayal of you during your time on the show?

    At the beginning, I didn’t think so because they were portraying me as if I were a person that talked a lot when it was a total opposite. Once the show continued to air, I did feel like they really showed my personality. I am that type of person. The things I said on the show—that is me. Those are things that I would say, those are things that I would do, and now people they understand me. Like, when I didn’t want to be out there in that wilderness, I said it, but I still did it. I completed the challenge. Overall, I think they did portray me as I am now, yes.

    You don’t seem to mince words, and you were dubbed the “girl who won’t stop talking.” [Dionne giggles] After watching the show, did you regret any of the things you said during the show?

    Yes, there is something that I do regret, and that was the final question that I was asked and really feel that caused me to be eliminated. That was the question that Tyra asked me, “Who did I think had the most potential out of the girls.” I said "Jaslene," and by me saying that, I thought she was asking me who had the most potential out of Jaslene, Renee, and Natasha—excluding myself. If I had the chance to do it all over again, of course, I would say myself.

    Had you watched previous cycles of the show?

    Yes, I had watched previous cycles of Top Model.

    Oh, and you fell for that one, huh? [laughter from both]

    That’s the same thing my mom said! She said, “I can’t believe that you fell for that question. That was a trick question.” Once I thought about it, like I said before, when you’re under that much pressure, and you’re nervous and you don’t know what you’re going to say, sometimes things like that do happen. But, I don’t think it was a negative thing that I said it. I just think you live and you learn. That was just one mistake that I made, and I should have changed it and said something different, which was "myself." You know, I can’t do anything about it now because it’s over with.

    Benny Medina was quite impressed with you and your professionalism, naming you the winner of the party challenge. What was it like being at that type of a party?

    Oh, man! That party was like crazy. There were so many celebrities there. There were so many people that I did not know or so many unfamiliar people that being there was a great experience because you’re out there. You’re getting exposure. You’re having a chance to talk to some people that you would never in a million years dream that you would talk to. So, being there, I felt like I was one of them. I felt like this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m supposed to be going to parties like this; I’m supposed to be surrounded by people like this. So, I felt like I was in a great place at that point in time going to that party.

    You can’t be called a girl who doesn’t have a personality, so tell me more about the “go-sees” and your collection of clothing that you accumulated along the way.

    Oh, the “go-sees” were actually so amazing, and the thing that stuck out the most and made me more interesting was that, you know, by me asking could I have the clothes. I think that made me more memorable to the designers, so that was my strategy going into the competition to do something that would make them remember me. And, yes, I did get to keep some of the clothing, so that was one of the greatest parts of it—besides just booking the job.

    Was there a conspiracy to get rid of Natasha by you, Jaslene, and Renee in the last episode?

    No, there was no such thing. I swear to God there was nothing like that. We did not just sit up and plot against Natasha. Everything that we said was true and from the heart. There was no time and point where we sat down and was like “okay, you know, Jaslene and Renee, we need to find a way to get rid of Natasha.” No, that never happened at all. It was just that when we got into panel, we didn’t even know that that was going to occur, so everything that you heard was actually true and from our hearts. We never made anything up like that, no.

    You seemed really upset with the dancing part of that challenge and the photo-shoot. Was there any particular reason for that, or were you just not comfortable with it?

    Oh, well, the photo-shoot I was fine with, but the only thing that I didn’t really want to do was the dance—the challenge where we had to dance. The reason why I said that was because we were out in the wilderness, and it was extremely cold, and it’s no fun to be in the cold wearing a tube top and flip-flops. That changes your whole mood, so I was like, “Man, I don’t want to do this. It’s stinking cold here.” I just did not want to do it, but I sucked it up, and I did it anyway.

    I thought you actually did pretty well for having 15 minutes. I liked your story.

    Oh, thank you.

    How cold was it?

    It was extremely cold. It was to the type of cold where you know you need on a big, big heavy jacket or coat with boots on. It was extremely cold.

    Do you feel that you were out of your comfort zone during the show, especially with the lesbian shoot with Kim?

    At that point, yes, I did feel that I was out of my comfort zone, but you know what? I found something out about myself—that I can get over things like that. I can do something that I’d never done before, and working with Kim was one of the things I had to overcome, and it was great working with her. I’m glad they put that mission on me because if I didn’t, then I would still have that mentality that “I can’t do that because she’s a woman; I’ve never been that close to a female like that before because she’s a lesbian, or she might try to hit on me or something.” So, that has changed my whole frame of mind about people. You can’t just, like they say, judge a book by its cover because the total outcome is different. It was way better than what I expected it to be.

    You did get called out first on that shoot, too, so it had to have come out well.

    I know! Right?

    Did you think you pushed yourself hard enough throughout the competition?

    Yes, I think I did. I had the drive and determination to go very far in the competition. It’s just that I feel like my time is up when I answered that final question—that trick question—that got me eliminated. I think that I did push myself the max. I gave it 100%.

    What do you think you will be most remembered for during this cycle? What will be your “moment?”

    Right now I would probably have to say the dance. [laughs] If anything, they will probably have to remake that dance—that scene right there.

    You were called out for needing a lot of coaching during photo-shoots. Did you see it that way, and was it a struggle for you?

    Well, at some point being a new person in this situation, everybody needs coaching, but they made it seem like I was the only one that needed coaching. I’m sure none of the other girls got through their photo-shoots without Jay saying not one word. That is impossible. There has to be a place where Jay had to say, just for instance, “Samantha, you’re not doing this right or Jael, you need to do this this way; you need to start doing this.” So, they made it seem like I was the only one that was making mistakes, which was not the case. All the other girls made mistakes because there is no room to say they were perfect, because they’re not. Half of them were eliminated. I say, sure, of course, there were times where I needed a little coaching because I was new to this, but I didn’t feel like they really made it seem like Dionne is the worst model; she needs the most guidance through this. I don’t feel like that was the case.

    I have to ask you . . . you were pretty unreceptive to Natasha at the end when you were eliminated. Was there anything behind that because I know you did hug her when you did leave, but watching that, it seemed a little cold.

    Well, yeah, at that point once you’re eliminated, when you’re in the bottom two, your mind is just going crazy because you don’t know what to think. Once she pulled out Natasha’s picture, I was just stunned. I could not believe that I had just been eliminated. I just could not believe it, and I felt as though I was on fire. I was speechless. I could not think. I just did not know what was going on at that point. Then, when Natasha reached over and hugged me, at that point I didn’t realize that she had hugged me until I just watched the show, and I realized that, yeah, Natasha did hug me, and I didn’t hug her back. At that point in time it was just the fact that I was in total shock.

    Are you still mad at Sarah for taking credit for the win at the Sears challenge?

    [laughs]Oh, no! I’m not still mad at Sarah about that. I wasn’t really mad; I was just a little disappointed that she didn’t give me credit for what I did. She sat there and was like, “Oh look! Oh goody. I did all this; I did that," which was not the case. [said in a high, funny voice]

    Did she ever come up to you afterward and thank you or say anything about that?

    No. She did come up to me afterwards, but she didn’t thank me. The only thing she came up to me and asked about was, “Dionne, are you mad about the challenge or whatever?” I was, like, “No, I’m over it.” ‘Cause like I said, I don’t hold grudges against people. I just get over it or whatever. She came up to me and asked me because she was, “Okay, because I really felt like dah-da-dah-da-dah.” She was saying some other things, but I don’t remember her exact words, and I’m not going to try to repeat it, but she did ask me if I was mad with her. I told her I wasn’t, just a little disappointed that, you know, I should have won that challenge.

    Since you picked everything out?

    I know! Right?

    Have you gotten over your mean look?

    Well, I have been practicing, so that’s a plus. But, like I say, it’s still a natural expression for me. I just have to learn to try to change that up, and I’ve been doing a good job with it right now.

    Congratulations, Dionne, and best of luck to you in the future.

    Thank you so much!

    Many thanks to CW and Dionne for this interview opportunity!

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    Great interview! she seems like a very good person.

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    Genuine interview. I always did like her personality, though it was her time to go.

    Great interview

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    Awww great interview ! She seems very bubbly and sweet !

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    I did not know she was new to all this, I guess I shouldnt have judged her pictures so badly.

    She's a great gal, seems really nice and Benny Medina liked her, so she must have something right?

    Great Interview, I hope she does well in the future.

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    My favorite interview and pretty much the only one I actually read and commented on. I love this girl to death she's amazing no matter how many people say she wasn't a model or blah blah blah I still lover her and she was passionate about this or she wouldn't want to continue pursuing it. I hope I see her in the near future on billboards and magazine like Miss Eugenius herself. I think she was one of the only ones to not call Jaslene Miss Cha Cha Diva.
    Great interview.
    You did get called out first on that shoot, too, so it had to have come out well.

    I know! Right?
    I had used my Kathleen voice when I read that.

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    I was literally hearing Kathleen's voice when Dionne said that, too.

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    Yay Dionne..she makes me laugh.

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    I wonder if Dionne said "that's cool that's cool" a lot during this interview

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    Re: America’s Next Top Model 8: Interview with Dionne, 5/10/07

    Again a cople of new things to find out. Thanks for the interview.

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