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Thread: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Quote Originally Posted by gasalong;2380548;
    Renee her top is great but we down to her legs just lol that's make she looks short!
    I'm surprised others don't really seem to be bothered by it. I think the top half is great, I like her face a lot, but the legs are just ruining the pictures. They're as ungraceful as you can get and make her look very short.

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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Dionne- oh please. That's so bad.
    Natasha- pose A, Face C
    Jaslene- i don't feel her.
    Renee- absolutely strongest picture! she's so amazing and beautiful! she rocked it!
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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Natasha just looks odd, as does Jaslene, their photos look like "making the..." pics, not really the actual pictures. Dionne's pose is actually pretty cool, thougth her face looks bad, and Renee's the only one that remotely screams editorial.
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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Nata is just bad bad bad she looks short.
    and I know Renee's legs look pretty short also her upper body looks stunning and that's ok.
    for me Jaslene's is the worst. She looks ugly and scary.

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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    I missed the episode, family issue...
    I agree that Renee's is the best. Really not liking Natasha's and Jaslene's. Natasha has such a blank look on her face and Jaslene looks half-asleep and kind of old.
    Although, I do hope Natasha and Renee are in the top two. Jaslene does rock the runway and takes great pictures as long as they are edgy, but I just don't feel that she takes a beautiful picture. She just isn't pretty in pictures, IMHO. Edgy yes, beautiful no.

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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    sepia is way off. Too dark. Too brown. I did better when I was in a darkroom and didn't have photoshop.

    Hope things are going OK, sweetpie. I had a bad day, too, and missed it. Someone else's crisis.

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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Renee's the best. Jaslene's reminds me of Irving Penn's mudmen photo. Natasha looks like a wood nymph spying on something, very Midsummer Night's Dream. Dionne looks like she's being worshipped, the tribe queen maybe.

    Also, why weren't they either in b+w or bright colors? Sepia always looks cheap.
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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    1. Renee
    2. Jaslene
    3. Dionne
    4. Natasha

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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizen;2380554;
    Natasha looks like how people look when everyone is taking a picture and they are like "WAIT FOR ME!!!" and just jumps in and ruins it.
    That's perfect!

    The sepia tone is so overdone that it's laughable. I wonder if they were actually worse in full color, and they're overcompensating.
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    Re: Photoshoot 09 - Aboriginal Dancing

    Janice Dickinson would have a field day with Jaslene's picture if she was still on the show. I can already hear her screeching "YOUR LEG LOOKS AMPUTATED."

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