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  • Renee

    156 56.32%
  • Jaslene

    148 53.43%
  • Natasha

    197 71.12%
  • Dionne

    29 10.47%
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Thread: Who will be the Final 2

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    Dionne and Jaslene.
    I think Renee will go next and then Natasha will be the first out in the final 3.
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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    It's so hard! I would not want to be one of the judges this season. The only easy one is that Dion has to go out at #4. She is sweet, but I just don't feel her photos.
    Natasha is my favorite. She just makes me smile and seems so real and sincere to me. Her pictures have been my favorites too and her almost always good attitude makes me even like her more.
    I like Rene and think her photos have been pretty hot. Although I do think they won't have a blonde win two cycles in a row. She might make it to the final 2, but I think it will be a close call.
    I really like Jaslene too. She dosn't do much for me when she is not in front of the camera, but her photos have been pretty amazing. She must be one of the smallest girls ever to be on ANTM, she's so little!

    I think the final challenges are going to determine alot. I really like all the girls and could accept Renee, Natasha or Jaslene. (But my heart wants my little Russian strumpet)! It seems pretty neck and neck and the edits are favoring both Natasha and Jaslene.

    Again, it's so hard!

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    Hmm, well, I think the problem is for both Dionne and Renee is that the judges feel they photograph too hard, and recently Renee's getting attacked for being too commercial. Both of their portfolios have been inconsistent, and like Bree in c5, I think Nene's getting the redemption edit, ultimately undoing herself with a return to her annoying ways next week. So Renee for #3.

    So I think Jaslene and Nata will be f2. Natasha's the innocent, who has improved. She's the typical journey edit Tyra loves. Jaslene looks the youngest out of the group, and has a fresher face/decent body/good walk. She reminds me of Danielle actually, but with a better body of work.
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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    I would have said Natasha and Renee, but in the last episode all of a sudden Jaslene trashed Renee out of nowhere. Much like Cari and Mel were started trashing each other out of nowhere in the finals.

    Jaslene is being give the comeback edit.

    Also, I think Natasha struggles in her CG commercial and is sent home. I think the reason they may send Natasha home is because if she makes it in the final two and loses, the outcry from fans will be greaterr if they find some reason to eliminate her prior to that.

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    Renee and Jaslene please.....

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    I think it's deinitley Jaslene and Natasha. I'm like 70% sure Jaslene will win, but I'm so rooting Natasha, and she's been my favorite.

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    I think it will be Jas and Nat. In my opinion their pics are head and shoulders better than Renee's and Dionne's. I'm really not impressed with Renee's pictures at all like a lot of people are. I really don't know why she's there.

    Dionne shouldn't be there either. In most of her pics she does indeed look ANGRY!

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    I'm pretty much positive it's Natasha and Renee, with Jaslene coming in third and Dionne fourth.

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2

    im rooting 100% for jaslene, but i voted Renee and Natasha. i've come to like both of them, so i'm fine with that final two.

    i think Natasha is the only definite for the final two...the other spot will be between Jaslene and Renee. in terms of editing, i don't see Jaslene winning the whole thing because her story hasn't been all that impressive. she did amazing, then she lagged behind for a few weeks, then she started rocking again. Natasha has the awful-pictures-turned-amazing-pictures edit, and that is popular with the judges.

    My predictions:
    4th - Dionne
    3rd - Jaslene
    2nd - Renee
    1st - Natasha

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    Re: Who will be the Final 2 Nata and Cha Cha

    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone;2364857;
    Now that we're down to four girls I thought it would be fun to take a vote and see who we think the final 2 will be. Vote for the 2 girls that you think will be the last ones standing and tell us why you chose them.
    Natasha and Jaslene with Natasha winning cycle 8. Natasha will win the cycle because her accent is cute and because her facial features(esp. the lips) are very attractive. Jaslene will get runnerup again with the ethnic factor working to her advantage and her walk is very good.
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