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Thread: 5/2 Episode Previews/Discussion **Possible Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/2 Episode Previews/Discussion **Possible Spoilers**

    I thnk she has a decent portfolio, I just think she's overall very amateur and doesn't have any natural ability and her look doesn't stand out
    especially with high fashion, i don't think she is unique enough to pull it off
    I miss AJ!!
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    Re: 5/2 Episode Previews/Discussion **Possible Spoilers**

    Renee by far has the worst portfolio of the 5 girls left, since the other girls have several highlights. But this show isn't really about portfolios at all, sadly.

    Watching the preview that aired last night on TV, e.g. during Gilmore Girls, it looks like Brittany blows up twice: once just with Natasha yelling "Don't tell me not get to upset," and another time with at least Natasha, Dionne and Renee in view, saying that she can get upset if she wants to. Unless editing, splicing and dubbing really did a number on us, Brittany's possibly going to get ratted out at the challenge or at panel. That would blow.

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    Re: 5/2 Episode Previews/Discussion **Possible Spoilers**

    Renee and Dionne when it comes to quality in portfolio are similar to me. both do ok but never really great. Natasha is doing really well and Brittany has been doing good in everything picture wise, i just think she's suffering from the Joanie syndrome. where she's just blah in person. and has no presence. her pictures are good however. If ANTM was all about pictures then she deserves to win. but it's not. Jaslene started off great and dropped to about Dionne and Renee's level.

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