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Thread: 4/4 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Soul;2314805;
    After reading some of the comments in this thread, some of you seem to think Jael was delusional and dumb to believe she impressed those people seeing as she was soaked and had annoyed 50 Cent. Well, maybe she did impress them to the best of her ability while being all wet, like she said. Because either that Benny guy didn't care enough to mention it, or the panel didn't care enough to scold her for it.
    It sounded to me like Benny was chewing them out for getting all wet, but like you said - he didn't seem to care enough about it to bring it up at panel. I'm really surprised that it didn't come up and she was called out first, but maybe she really did leave a better impression than we thought. She actually didn't look that bad all soaking wet.

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    I looked up the next epi on after all the new vs. recap debate. This is their "preview" - I don't think this is considered a spoiler, but I will tag it just in case!

    Click to see Spoiler:
    Efren Ramirez and Tia Mowry give the models a crash course in character acting, prior to the ladies participating in an acting challenge. The photo shoot highlights scandalous moments from past seasons and features previous contestants, including Kim Stolz, Shannon Stewart, Rebecca Epley, Michelle Deighton, Bre Scullark, Joanie Dodd, Michelle Babin and Amanda Babin.

    And a couple of comments:
    - I was also surprised that the "pool incident" wasn't discussed at panel. TyTy is usally stressing the importance of proper behavior and that really wasn't the venue for craziness. I also thought it said a lot about Jael's inability to read people. Acting herself is fine, but if the other person is so obviously averse to you don't continue to force yourself on them! (not excusing 50 Cent here, but what do we really expect from him!?)
    - TyTy's eyelashes during the little group session with the girls were insane! Did she look in the mirror and conciously decide that looked good?? I had a hard time paying any attention to the discussion because it looked like there were spiders on her eyelids! ::::shuddering because i hate spiders::::

    - My faves:
    Brittney - Didn't care for her at the beginning and would be annoyed by her apparent tendency to cry a lot, but there is no denying she takes great photos!!
    Jaslene - Have liked her since her audition last cycle. Her proportions seem a little off and I was disapointed with her shoot this week, but overall I think she has had the best photos this cycle.
    Natasha? - I haven't completely decided with her yet. I really didn't like her in the beginning because she seemed a little arrogant, but my poinion is changing. The last couple of weeks her photos have gotten much better and it seems like she has a much friendlier/sillier personality than we were originally shown.

    - Next to go:
    Whittney - I would like to see a plus sized girl go further, but she is not the one to do it. She is very pretty, but here photos are completely bland.
    Renee - I cannot stand her. Regardless of her photos I want her to go just so I don't have to listen to her anymore!
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    Is it up online anywhere yet?

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    Initial reactions (I went to bed as soon as the episode ended last night so I'm posting this sorta late)

    -Jael, Brit and Natasha rocked the shoot.
    -Bobby Christina--er, Whitney is still here? And over Sarah? Ugh...
    -Renee is on my last nerve and Jael gets huge brownie points for calling her out on her crap.
    -Never say anything to Nicole Richie about anyone.
    -I don't like 50 Cent.
    -Benny Medina's ego scares me.
    -Beverly Johnson needs new hair.
    -Tyra is no psychologist; that Renee intervention was so staged and unconvincing.
    -Brit's busted weave is coming out?! *throws parade
    -At this point, my top three are Brit, Dionne and Natasha
    -Jael compared to Grace Jones? Love it.
    -Natasha as Covergirl of the week? Adorable.
    "It's either s**t or champagne; it's either/or, it's either fantastic or it's not fantastic. You can turn it around any which way you want about having real people and real sizes and shorter and petite and whatever, we just wanna see great, big, gorgeous, tall, thin girls walking down the runway."

    -Alex Perry, AusNTM

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