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Thread: No Dead Top Models for Sweden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTM Mega Fan;2305543;
    I loved the photoshoot...This is fashion, you can't be conservative.

    I love how the show has pinned past photoshoots as being "OMG MOST CONTROVERSIAL EVER!!!!" but the one time they don't it actually gets banned from other countries and people start raising a stink about it.

    Now that I think about it... I really do think they could've done without all of the blood in some of them. It doesn't offend or frighten me but those shots could've been better with other murder methods. Especially Diana. All the other girls had a simple cause of death such as poisoning, electrocution, drowning, and Diana gets her organs removed. A little complex compared to the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamBEAN;2305506;
    the industry isn't for thin-skinned people, if you're easily offended or 'scared', then you might as well go watch american idol for some wholesome entertainment because i found this shoot to be one of the only decent shoots in antm history.
    i agree this is totally one of the best photoshoots of antm
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