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Thread: No Dead Top Models for Sweden?

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    The Tyrant~ Kahlen_rocks's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Some people is just way too.....last century. It's impressing how people can get offended by things like these and not for things that really need to change and nobody notice.
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

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    Lipstick and Callous GlitterGabi's Avatar
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    I thought the idea was fairly chic. It's fashion, not the glorification of violence. I do think the photoshoot was, although, done for the wrong reasons. The shock, not the fashion.
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    It disturbed me. I haven't been able to peacefully get to sleep for a week and a half. Go Sweden.

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    Melissa R For PCD! Echidna's Avatar
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    I didn't know that It disturbed so many. But I respect every opinion.
    Why can't people start to care more about what happens In the real world instead of a little thing like this?

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    People do care wabout what happens in the real world, but this IS what happens. And ANTM is attempting to glamourize that. Which is baaaaad. And these images are just really graphic and people with low tolerancy for it, like me, and who get scared easily, scary things linger in their minds. I don't think the shoot is high fashion, and for the most part it's BS. Being a model is not looking dead. These photos have nothing to do with modeling. I'd take gender switch over this any day.

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    It is fashion definetly more than the way they did the gender switch. This is just the extreme end of it where they do things that you don't normally associate with being fashion. Have you ever seen the Hilary Rhoda State of Emergency shoot where she's commiting a bunch of crimes/being arrested? It's something that's not normally seen as fashion but its what they do now.

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    I just don't know the problem about this shoot.
    They didn't make a point of the anorexic/boulimic ones of Cycle 7, so why would this one be such a problem? xD
    Some of the models didn't even look dead! x'D

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    I think the shoots are pretty shocking but they're really some great high-fashion shoots ever in the Top Model History.
    Nigel siad that most of the girls got a great shoot .
    IMO,fashion is all about being extraordinary.

    But I respect everyone's opinion =]
    Australia's Next Top Model - Alice Burdeu

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    the industry isn't for thin-skinned people, if you're easily offended or 'scared', then you might as well go watch american idol for some wholesome entertainment because i found this shoot to be one of the only decent shoots in antm history.

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    avy by martinique ANTM Mega Fan's Avatar
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    I loved the photoshoot...This is fashion, you can't be conservative.
    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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