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Thread: America's Next Top Model 8: Interview with Diana, 3/29/07

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    Her makeover shoot is so beautiful.Great interview!

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    over the ocean lyk omg.
    Great interview, SV!

    Oh, everyone says Felicia's a dancer, Jael's wild and crazy and Sarah's all-about photography. It makes me even more curious (yeah because these are the girls I only care about).

    After reading this interview I like Diana a lot more. I think the "full-figured" models are put under a lot more pressure than all the other girls, like Diana said. So it's really hard to compete in a competition when you have to do like literally 2 times better than the other girls have to in order to convince the judges that you belong in the competition. Woo, wordy sentence.
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    My confidence grew, and Iím just really happy and excited that I got to be a part of Americaís Next Top Model.
    I'm glad she got something good out of the experience. Hopefully there will be good things in store for her in the future.

    Thanks for the interview, ShrinkingViolet & Diana.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    I lik her more now than i did on the show, guess it was editing.

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    Great interview, SV!

    I agree with the others that say she doesn't come off as too passionate about modeling, but I really feel for her being in that environment. They were definitely looking for a reaction from her about body issues. She wasn't the most articulate, off-the-cuff type of person on the show even with editing taken into account. The show loves pouncing on a girl for not spouting "model or die" at every opportunity.

    But, me, as a plus-size model, if I showed any self-doubt or if I made a little comment here or a little comment there, immediately it was that I didn’t love myself. So they would generalize one small statement if I was having a bad day into something that was much bigger than it needed to be. So, being a plus-size model, I think they expected me to be on point all the time and be completely and utterly in love with every aspect of my being. You have to be realistic, and that’s not how everybody can be. Nobody is perfect all the time; people do have their doubts and insecurities. So, especially being around all these skinny models, who are getting praise, you show one little ounce of weakness, and they categorize you into having low self-esteem, and it’s not fair.
    I can see her point here. But yeah, that's the difference between the world of modeling and a reality show about modeling. No one will care about her inner dialog if she's hired for a shoot.
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    Yeah, I actually laughed when I saw that because I . . . even though I don’t remember my exact words, I said so much more. I made . . . it was like my point I made to Tyra, the way I responded to her was valid, and it made sense. I might have started off with, “Oh, I don’t know. Probably because blah, blah, blah.” But, all they show me saying was this, “Oh, I don’t know why I’m so introverted. I don’t know Jay. Oh, just ‘cause.” I say that kind of stuff.
    See - here we all thought she was so dull and boring with nothing worthwhile to say. Thanks, SV, for asking great questions and giving her the opportunity to give us a glimpse of the real Diana.

    I also find it interesting that when the girls are asked to describe the other girls in the house, Renee usually gets a "misunderstood". This is all just more evidence that we are still letting ourselves be fooled by the editing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astridr;2303854;
    ShrinkingViolet, did you manage to ask her if she reads FORT since I noticed she mentioned "your readers"
    Due to a scheduling mix-up, there was a very short amount of time for this interview. I did not get a chance to ask her that question specifically, but I got the distinct impression she did read here just from the way she phrased her answer.

    It's always difficult to recreate the tone of an interview, but I can tell you that she had a bubbly personality during this interview, was very animated and passionate with her answers, was never at a loss for words (except when trying to describe Natasha ), and she laughed a lot throughout.

    I think she was edited to be shown only being friends with the other "plus-size" girl, Whitney. Kind of an "us against them" thing. She said she spent a lot of time with Dionne, but not one bit of that was ever shown. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

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    Stinkin' editing! You really have a talent for interviewing, SV. You know what kinds of questions to ask in a short period to capture the spirit of the girls. Great work!
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    ShrinkingViolet, great interview! Although I do wish you would have said something along these lines to Diana, "Hi Diana! Thank you for speaking with me today! I've been expecting to interview you ever since the first episode of antm!" (haha, just teasing )

    Diana doesn't redeem herself for me from this interview. I can't imagine hearing her voice any bubblier than the monotone she speaks in throughout the show. I think she'd do much better by doing her final year of forensic psychology rather than putting modelling over her education. I doubt she'd go far in modelling anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie227;2303892;
    Hmmm, I think this interview showed her just as she was on the show -- quiet, not too passionate. She doesn't have a background in fashion or modelling, doesn't even seem like it was something she really wanted to do. I never saw her on the show be excited about anything. I guess that's just her personality, but I think it came through in this interview too.

    Beautiful girl. Really stunning face.
    You hit on the head greenie227. Although she showed more passion in this interview than the show or photoshoots I don't think she knows what she wants in life and is just drifting along. If she wants to model she doesn't have to all out know alot about fashion but she needs some drive and ambition because that will do well for her in casting calls. ANTM is looking for a spokesperson and personality as well as a model and from what I saw Dianne would not be able to do that at all.
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