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Thread: Photoshoot 05 - Male Character Models

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    Some people may disagree with me, but, who cares.....



    Sarah's drag queen looks a lot like miss jay,
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

    === Jade, Cycle 6===

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    1. Jaslene
    2. Natasha
    3. Renee
    4. Jael
    5. Dionne
    6. Brittany
    7. Sarah
    8. Diana
    9. Whitney

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    1. jaslene
    2. brittany
    3. natasha
    4. dionne
    5. sarah
    6. renee
    7. jael
    8. and 9.... can't decide between whit or diana

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    Brittany-I liked the relaxed feel of it. Hated the drag queen, but loved Brit's expression.
    Diana-Her face is so fat. Really fat. Good Riddance.
    Dionne-Okay shot. A little "'Mo money 'Mo problems" for my taste, but it looks sort of believable.
    Jael-I think this shot is cute. If she just fixed her legs it would be non-feminine. Definitely not the worst of the bunch.
    Jaslene- I love this shot because guess what? Jaslene is actually photographing soft. So nice. And then I look at the drag queen...WTF. Great job.
    Natasha-I hate this photo. She had better photos definitely.
    Renee-Good shot. All that smoking and bitchyness definitely helped her portray a 40 something haggard rock wannabe.
    Sarah-Drag queen is horrible. Sarah is good from waist up. Waist down is too feminine in stance.
    Whitney-A double fatty elimination would make me so happy. this photo is the 2nd worst, next to fatface. Nuff said.

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    Sarah (I think she looks hot-ish as a guy...but then, I'm only
    Brittany (she looks a bit feminine, but hot?)
    Jaslene (I do admit she did well, but the drag queen makes me want to cry )
    Renee (I know, but her pose is feminine and the drag queen = )
    Whitney (couldn't they have photoshopped her breast?)
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    True love comes in quietly, without banners or flashing lights. She is your sanity in a world full of madness. True love is not how grand you are or how simple you are, but's who you are with her and she loves you not in spite of it, but because of it. She is the one that stands with you, when the rest of the world falls down.

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    brittany and renee are hot men.

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    Horrible Photoshoot. Not as bad as Covergirl Skydiving but I think it marks its spot in the top ten worst.

    1.Jaslene(i like how Jaslene looks)
    2.Natasha(Natasha has really transformed)
    3.Brittany(I like the feel of it and Britt once again shines)
    4.Jael(I dont see how they said this was the worst.)
    5.Sarah(Something about the face and the stance I really like)
    6.Renee (I do like her face...)
    7.Dionne(Looks like Chris Rock)
    8.Diana(The drag looks better...)
    9.Whitney-She shouldve left instead. Every single thing in this pic looks weird.

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    Who knows...
    Natasha, Jael, and renee are the best, IMO

    I feel sarah and Whitney's are the weakest. Diana's is... a little odd but not too bad.

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    My rankings:

    1. Natasha (Great performance, but not this photo. She must got a better one. Who choose this one?)
    2. Jaslene (Love her soft expressions...)
    3. Jael (I'm disagree with the judges. Jael is doing good, & I don't see the drag queen outshining her.)
    4. Brittany (great shot, as usual.)
    5. Sarah (upper half, FIERCE. Below the waist, still a girl.)
    6. Renee (great face. Besides that, the draq queen outshining her.)
    7. Dionne (just pass.)

    Bottom 2 : Whitney & Diana
    8. Whitney (at least I can see her keep trying...)
    9. Diana (Q:"Why there're no passion in your eyes at all?" A:"Just coz...")

    Finally, Tyra did the right elimination.

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    Is Natasha playing K-Fed? She's my favorite and I liked the way she really went all out for this photo, but I don't like it much.

    And although I can't stand Renee, I have to say that this photo is perhaps the most 'high fashion' (to use that term loosely). She looks like a pretty boy rocker.

    Jaslene. One word - [zoolander]derelict[/zoolander]

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