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Thread: 4/4 episode previews/discussion **possible spoilers**

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    I love Renee, but what she said to Nicole was not smart at all.

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    I still cannot find new video of Renee talkinf gossip to Nicole on CW's website!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A11Y7;2312419;
    I love Renee, but what she said to Nicole was not smart at all.
    Yeah that was a bad mistake on her part. Nicole and Paris are the bottom of the Hollywood barrel to begin with, and you just knew you she was going to tell Jael. I'm am also interested in what set 50 off to push Jael into the pool.
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    Yahoo! preview screen caps :
    Natasha becomes the dark horse as the girls get thier pictures taken for a beauty photoshoot.


    The girl might have a chance of winning after all!

    Shocking, right?

    Jaslene on the other hand should stay away from beauty shoots(Or anything that has the word "beauty" in it, for that matter):

    That screen caption would work for any day of the week for Jaselne.

    Why the sour face, Tyra?

    Is it because you look like a Gypsy? Is it because you have spider legs for eyelashes? Is it because you're gathering your saliva so you can spit on Renee?

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    wow i was hoping it'd be jael & whitney and whitney goes home.

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    I highly doubt Renee will go tonight. They're definitely giving her a top 3 edit, but it's hard to tell with the wacky editing this cycle.

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    Jael better not leave...

    Quote Originally Posted by nightfall_realm;2303960;
    Pushing a GIRL in a pool is totally NOT cool. I knew there was a reason why I didn't like 50 Cent (Mmmm hmm, because if you mess with Jael, you gonna pay!) Playful or not... it's [Sarah]rude. It's just rude.[/Sarah]

    They're always messing around with Jael.

    Makeover episode: "But for one model --- a total nightmare."
    Next week's episode: "Her final mistake."

    It would probably be too obvious if she gets eliminated next week. (I'm being hopeful) *crosses fingers*

    Oh maybe it's Natasha who jumps in after her. I saw Jael trying to pull her in with her when she fell in the pool (or shall I say PUSHED INTO THE POOL BY A RUDE DUDE!).

    Are you [FA Edit] kidding me! The next episode is called "her final mistake"???!!!??? I swear to god, im not watching antm if jael leaves! Yeah, i think its natasha, if you watch closely(i watched the video a gillion times) Natasha tries to pull her back. And hell no...if they say its "her final misake"...its their final mistake, because jaels the best [FA Edit] "model" they have on the show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Soul;2312166;
    Aah! I had a horrible dream that I fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until like 8 p.m. and I missed the new episode of America's Next Top Model! *gasps* That was scary!

    This episode is just going to be one hour right? I'm assuming it is, but it seems like so much is going to happen. lol.
    Hahahah, that happened to me few times... SCARY!

    Sometime when I was really tired, refused to take a nap even it was only a hour or more because I was afraid to miss our favorite reality show! lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taffina;2303934;
    Woo..Jaslene should NEVER smile.

    [FA edit] yea, she got called first! and the judges didnt even say anythang about the 50 cent thing! I hate the commercials, they over exagerate(not sure if thats spelled right???)everything! Hey --- did they show scenes for the next episode????
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