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Thread: 3/21 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggie;2291209;
    I'll try again. Did anyone catch what they said Brittany made the clothes look I couldn't hear b/c of my dumb little brother
    Miss Jay said that while all the girls look pretty in pics Brittany is the one who sells the clothes in the pic.

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    It past seasons haven't they begun to really ride the speech thing once they start with more spokes model type activities? I can't imagine Jael, Jaslene or Natasha not getting grief eventually. Natasha will probably be easier to work with in that regard than the other two. I think her pronunciation will probably be the easiest to improve. Don't really know how to explain why I think this I just do.

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    Agree, Jael just mumbles. Think Adrienne on downers. That said, I think she's fairly open to criticism, so might be able to speak more clearly if she tried. Jaslene, however, I fear is hopeless.

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    I accept the fact that Felecia was eliminated because she didn't have that "model" thing; although she is pretty, she has to learn to move and act like a model instead of video girl. But Tyra didn't really give a good reason why they eliminated her.

    I do think she had more potential than Whitney and Diana. Clearly, they are getting preferential treatment because of their size. Top Model is trying to up their ratings by having a "special" contestant win or make it to the finals.

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    Personally I am surprised Whitney has made it this far, in 5 weeks she has not taken good pictures and has no personality to speak of. This week posing with Willie Ninja must have pushed her buttons because that is the first time I have seen her act like a model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2292069;
    This week posing with Willie Ninja must have pushed her buttons because that is the first time I have seen her act like a model.
    You mean Benny Ninja.
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    I have to say that although I would not mind a plus sized girl making it far in the competition, neither of these plus sized girls have it. They are not Tocarra, who had the look to pull it off. Diane just looks sloppy to me, I know they said that she has good proportions, but she's not toned and even plus sized models have to have some tone. She's flabby. Whitney on the other hand has the tone but doesn't have the look. She looks like someone you would see on a family commercial or maybe in a magazine.

    So why I applaud Top Model for trying to show people that plus size girls can model too, this is not the season for it. On Tocarra's season, she had what it took to give the look, but in the end she gave up to the pressures of too small clothes and comments about her size. I wish that she was a contestant now though, when clearly Tyra has a reason this year to push a plus size girl to the end

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    anywho... whose the Covergirl of this week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunDee;2292180;
    anywho... whose the Covergirl of this week?
    Jael was the Covergirl of the week.

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    Based ONLY on the photo shoot, I see why Felicia was sent home. She didn't look dead in her picture, she looked lifeless. That is a big difference. And going on what they said they wanted in the shoot, Whitney should have been in the bottom two with her. In her pic, she looked like she was hurt or dying, but she did not accomplish what the shoot's intention was.

    I would say they were almost looking for sexy zombie rather than crime scene. I wish they all would have had the same injuries as well. Didn't they use a blue filter on Natashia's photo? And they all should have been either inside or outside to make the lighting issues similar.

    The makeup was OK, in an upscale Halloween costume sort of way. I was expecting more from it, to be honest. But it was OK.

    My top three were Britt, Dionne and Sarah. Again, based only on the photos themselves. (and yes, it does disagree with how the order was called out. Sometimes I think they call them out in order TO create drama. Sometimes I wonder if anything but the first and last two really even matter)

    I think there are other girls who could have gone home based on their portfolio of work. I do think Felicia is an attractive girl and going home sooner rather than later will not hurt her modeling chances.

    Seems as if if the girls have true modeling potential, it does not really matter where they end up when the final episode rolls around. Maybe getting good exposure helps jump-start careers for those in their 20s who don't have as many years in the industry left to establish themselves.

    Just my two-cents worth.
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