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Thread: America's Next Top Model 8: Interview with Cassandra, 3/15/07

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    Great interview once again ShrinkingViolet. Cassandra seems like a confident and easy-going person. She said that Renee was nice, that's really hard to believe because of the wqay she is being portrayed right now. I still hope that she'll do some modeling work and still study.
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    I've tried sewing wigs into my own hair, and that really doesn't work.

    Just kidding!

    Anyway, great interview, SV!

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    I think because Cassandra is such a sweetheart everyone treated well in the house including Renee but Renee still be a bitch to the rest.

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    poor cassandra, about the frostbite!

    nice interview.
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    Sam and Cassandra said that Renee isn't how she is portrayed on t.v. I think they would know better than anyone posting on here because they lived it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanikaiao;2288697;
    Sam and Cassandra said that Renee isn't how she is portrayed on t.v. I think they would know better than anyone posting on here because they lived it.
    True, but Renee seems like a backstabber, so if those two girls weren't on her bad side they may not have experienced it. As manipulative as editing is it doesn't put words into people's mouths. Also, Kathleen didn't seem to like Renee, but she wasn't there that long either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelenHandbasket;2283673;
    I can't get over the stuff Renee has done. Cassandra seems like a genuinely nice person and I believe she didn't have any problems with Renee but all the editing in the world didn't put the words in Renee's mouth.
    Yeah, I feel the same. Cassandra seems like the type of girl everyone would get along with. I wanna give her a hug.

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    Cassandra is darling girl.

    Renee is more than just misunderstanding. A true jealousy biatch!

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