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Thread: Cycle 8 Makeovers

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    Re: Cycle 8 Makeovers

    second thoughts
    omg that hair WAS horrible, when i first saw it on tv, i waslike :hey this is pretty good. but now that i look back. its soooo horrible
    great makeover picture though

    at first i thought her curly wig sewned on to her head was much better. but again. re watching made me see that her afro is so much better

    i was like :no change? but hher appearnce in the crime scene judging, and the one wehre shes eliminated me, proved to me that this makeover works for her

    okay i admit, firsly i wa slike :WTF IS THIS HAIR?! espically, the part where felicias jumping up and down going: IM NOT GO ING HOMEEE
    and when brittany and renee were being friends ( recap epi) and the camera showed a top view of dionnes head. like wtf
    then after a few episodes, i wa slike : wow her hairs looking pretty good
    i feell like it looked wereid this episdoe though

    first: i was like meh...
    but loooking back at old episodes, she looks somuch better with her makeover

    i still like her long brown hair better
    only time i liked her short brown one was, when they were having the group talk with tyra, and the photoshoot when she s "rebecca"

    i dont really see a change

    omg shes so pretty with her brown hair now, when it first started, it was almost black
    now its actually brown

    cute cute cute
    i wished she parted her hair on the right more than the left.
    (ice cream shoot, make up challenge (epi3) and judging (hte commercial one)

    so much better. her face was so flat with the blonde
    love her brunette

    first: NO CHANGE?
    but if u look at before makeover (saem episdoe)and shes liek : im comletelty estatic, till after the makeover
    she looks so much better

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    Re: Cycle 8 Makeovers

    i reWatch the Cycle3... & i just realize that Amanda's weave is Portable (sometimes it taken off ex:for a YJ stinger shoot) & in the next episode she's back with her LongIcyExtention... Why they didn't do that with Brit's & the others? WHY oh why...?!?

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    Re: Cycle 8 Makeovers

    does someone have the fade out pic of all of them together?

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    Re: Cycle 8 Makeovers

    I loved Natasha's Cleopatra-esque hairstyle. She looked AMAZING. I loved Brittany's weave. I think someone might have accidentally fried it, which caused all of her problems. Natasha's Polaroid looks like a Wax Statue. If you hold a lighter up to her forehead it will most likely start melting. LOL

    Here you go!

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    Re: Cycle 8 Makeovers

    i think sarah stands out the most. but probably cuz shes in the center front

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    Re: Cycle 8 Makeovers

    And because she's light and got light clothing too.
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