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Thread: Cycle 8 Makeovers

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    Cassandra got the worst makeover. If you turn the girl upside down, she looks like a mop. Not everyone can carry that style and Cassandra couldn't. She was the Furonda of the season.

    I didn't like what they did to Natasha.

    Dionne, Felicia and Jael were the best. No changes to Whitney, Jaslene and Diane. They looked the same.

    I just hope they taught these girls have to keep it up because I am all ready starting to see some hot messes. Jael was starting to look like a Barfly. Renee and Brittany looked like they lost a cat fight.

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    Are those Natasha's natural lips in her after shot. Or is she pouting?
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    I think the girls this year are stunning, most the makeovers I feel were actually helpful to most the girls. I think Sarah, Natasha look soooo much better with there makeovers. The only one I didn't like was Cassandra it did seem more random, but guess it didn't matter since she got eliminated.

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    I actually like the makeovers this toss, they actually worked well with the girls. Felicia, Cassandra, Dionne and Natasha really rocked there's and do look so much better.

    Brittany need to learn how to care her weave at pannel her head look like a rat nest like she had on here weave for weeks
    Nice to know, impossible to forget

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    I felt bad for Jael she sat there for 8 hours and got that hair weave put in then they came in and said to take it out. and then when she got back to the house someone called to tell her that her friend died of a drug overdose.

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    natasha looks breathtaking. thank god no more roots! jael got aged a lot, and jaslene looks like a man...still.

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    Does anyone else besides me think that Felicia in her makeover picture look like Halle Berry??????

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    I missed this week's episode, but will catch the rerun on Sunday, but from these pictures, the makeovers were not that great. I think Jael looks much better with her makeover--blond was not that great color on her, the hairstyle wasn't that great, and she looked like a strung out criminal. She looks much better after. Natasha--it looks horrible. Someone mentioned a bad Cleopatra wig and I agree. Sarah looks better with dark hair. Renee doesn't look that bad in her after. I think a lot of it is in whether they can maintain it.

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    Geez, those before shots look like Mugshots; like the police raided a masseuse palor.

    I don't like Natasha's hair, it is too Cleopatra. She needs a mild relaxer too to silken her hair a bit. Jael's hair made her look older and serious. I don't know what that thing is on Whitney's head.

    I like Brittany's and Felicia's hair the best. Even though Brittany acted like a big baby about it.

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    natasha looks older and more intelligent. i just hate how it came off looking like a wig in the photo but in real life its absolutely gorgeous.

    felicia's hair is so cute on her too

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