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Thread: Cycle 8 Makeovers

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    I like Dionne's. It looks like A.J.'s preshow. I love Sarah's too.
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    Cookiez's Cycle 8 Makeover Thoughts:

    Dionne and Whitney ( LOVE the pose) look freakin' GORGEOUS!

    Brittany....girl it ain't your fault

    Natasha looks really different but it looks like a wig

    Sarah and Renee look better

    Cassandra looks like Wendy, bad choice for her, IMO

    Jaslene's pic looks so serene, her hair is improved, but her and Natasha need to swap

    Diana looks like CariDee now, but I like her eyes

    Poor Jael, I think red would have been better, but she still looks fierce.

    Felicia looks so fierce, I like it a lot, good style for her!

    The swimsuit pics have very nice colours, but the necks on all the girls are fake, but nice and calm pictures produced anyways.

    Tyra, this cycle only gets a 6/10 for makeovers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiez;2281104;
    Whitney ( LOVE the pose)

    LOL. She really thinks they made her over into Beyonce.

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    i don't like how there were only 2 blondes by the time the mmakeovers were done, i think brittany could have went blonde
    however, i am impressed overall
    3 blonde to brunette makeovers!
    I miss AJ!!
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    over the ocean lyk omg.
    I LOVE Sarah's, Natasha's and Renee's makeover. I prefer blonde hair for Jael but brown looks great too. Felicia looks good, and Diana's makeover picture is just gorgeous.

    But this cycle definitely does not have the best makeovers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajoel;2281053;
    My Fav. 3!
    OMG ajoel!! Felicia, Jaslene & Jael are my top 3 favorites too!!! I think Brittany looks so bad now!!!! and Felicia looks like Ciara now and not Tyra.
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    My Ranking about the makeover

    1. Sarah (Edgy!)
    2. Renee (Edgy!)
    3. Jael (Edgy!)
    4. Dionne (Edgy!)
    You know I love short hair girls.

    16. Natasha (I kinda like it, its cute.)
    18. Cassandra (I adore her hair but, WTF is wrong with her forehead?)
    21. Diana (BLING! She looks charming.)
    22. Felicia (She looks so much better without the gross-yellow hair!)
    73. Jaslene (WAIT you call that "makeover"?)
    624. Whitney (Um, ew.)
    78328723. Brittany (I love Brittany but i'm sorry, the worst makeover in the history of ANTM.)
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    really bad makeovers
    only renee and jaslene look good

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    I like Felicia's and Brittany's.
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    Again Whitney with the stupid eyebrow up. Get a different expression, girl. She's like Diana, except with one face instead of one pose.

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