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Thread: Cycle 8 Makeovers

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    OMG!! Jael and Jaslene looks 40! and mannish too!

    I really really like Natasha's, so edgy. She's like a completely different person.

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    Worst makeover....
    Just turn blondes to brunette....
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    Brittany's is an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

    They should've left it alone, but straightened it. The color and length was fine, and now she looks like a washed up 90's college student and you can tell it is totally fake!

    Natasha looks like a college student by day, and a performer in Arabian Nights in the casino as Cleopatra or something! It wouldn't have hurt to layer that bushy hair and a lighter brown.

    Felicia's is wonderful! But it should be straightened.

    ...Renee will still be a cow no matter what!

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    -Brit's works in print but its just a big 'ol mess elsewhere
    -Cassandra's is good
    -Diana looks smokin in print but plain elsewhere
    -Dionne gets the award for best makeover; it's like a whole new, younger person. Kelis' hair, though, is much more edgier and blunt.
    -Felicia looks better
    -Jael looks so emaciated but I like it more than I originally thought
    -Jaslene looks old
    -Natasha is rockin the Cleopatra do'
    -Renee's doesn't impress me for whatever reason
    -Sarah looks amazing
    -Whitney looks good, not great.
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    Are we gonna get bigger, higher quality after shots any time soon?? I really really like most of them.
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    ewem to natasha's before picture. Dionne looks like monique in her before picture. What kind of haircut is renee's? Natasha looks so different. Cassandra got the nik hair do. Ewe to jael's makeover.

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    I actually like most of the make-overs this year.

    Brittany I like this one. But it could be because I didnít like her hair before at all. I kind of get a Melrose vibe from this picture, the pose the expression.

    Cassandra While I like the afro, I really donít like the focus on her five-head.

    Diana Whatís the difference? Itís thicker, more volume I guess, but itís not that big of a change

    Dionne She looks more sophisticated, but Iím not sure she looks more like a model

    Felicia I really like this make-over. She looks less teen IMO.

    Jael Itís a wee bit too short, but I think she looks really good.

    Jaslene I donít like her picture, it looks like she just ate a lemon. The hair is OK I guess (I canít get past the pictureÖ)

    Natasha Worst before picture ever. It does look like a wig, but she does look cool.

    Renee It looks like she giving us the evil eye. But I like this hair on her, this would actually be my choice of a hairstyle on me.

    Sarah I didnít like her much before, but this makes her look better. How much Iíll like her now remains to be seen.

    Whitney So, no major changes for the two resident plus-sizes? But she still looks good.

    Iím judging by these pictures not as I havenít seen the show and seen the hairstyles in action.

    And those Polaroidís . I like how everyone looks so much darker skinned in the actual photo since the other ones are too over-exposed.

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    I think the only girls who look like believeable models in the before and after shot is Felicia and maybe Sarah.

    Tyra would often tell black girls that their hair is too dark for their conplexion, examples being Robin, Kesse, Nik and so on. If Felicia came into the competition with dark hair I'm pretty sure Tyra would lighten it.

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    Dionne and Renee just OWN that hairstyle. Brittany now actually APPEALS to me, and Diana is stunning.


    Poor Natasha and Jael. They look terrible.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    God, Natasha looks much better with the hair in the opening.

    Jael and Jaslene both look 10 years older than they should be.

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