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Thread: Photoshoot 03 - Candy Coated

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    I like this photoshoot! It may look a little cheap, but still..
    My rankings:
    -- Good --
    1. Brittany - Okay, I do not like this girl but she takes amazing pictures. This picture is so amazing, the face and the body language. Bravo.
    2. Sarah - I don't like Sarah either, but this picture is great.
    3. Felicia - Felicia and Dionne are my favorites, and I'm glad to see them doing well. Although her face doesn't really match with the whole picture, it's still gorgeous. I see a winner!
    4. Dionne - The close-up bothered me at first but now I'm starting to like it more and more.
    5. Jael - Just a good shot, nothing really special I think.

    6. Renee - I don't think this picture is too bad. Still, it's definitely not good either.
    7. Whitney - She didn't get much to work with when compared to the other girls. But I don't like this picture.

    8. Natasha - Err.
    9. Cassandra - I'm glad she's gone. I didn't dislike her, but she was the one I wanted to go.
    10. Diana - This is just bad.

    11. Jaslene - What happened?! The close-up isn't that bad, but the body is HORRIBLE! It disgusts me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightfall_realm;2281108;
    Am I the only one here who's blinded by all the sugary sweetness and pinkness?
    It's a little too much for me as well. I just wasn't very thrilled with this photoshoot. It's a little too fruity and colorful for my taste. It kind of makes me feel nausinated.

    I do, however, really like Jael's and Sarah's pictures. Even if I do feel a little sick when I look at them.
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    I haven't seen the show yet (it was delayed until 10:30 last night by a Chicago Bulls game in Chicago) -- did anyone tell Natasha this wasn't for Hustler?

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    Brittany hands down was the best. Nobody came close to her. Everything from her body position to her expression was dead on.
    Felicia's pic is nice, but there is too much crap in her hands and her body position is good, but not great.

    Oh Dionne...her pic is horrid...sorry...but I do not get it.
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    can someone post the call-out order please?

    i disappointed in Jaslene's.. Brittany, Felicia and Jael rocked this photoshoot. Dionne, Renee, Sarah were doing OK. I dont like Jaslene's, Whitney's, Diana's, Cassandra's and Natasha's.

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    in order of photos:
    01. Brittany - the body is good, but the face is excellent. this photo proved to me that she could do couture print work one day.

    02. Cassandra - poor cassandra, i would've had whitney go before her, she looked beautiful with her makeover, but...this photo is really off. however, her meat eater photo was better than any of whitney's thus far!

    03. Diana - she barely looks plus sized! whats the point of having them if you're going to edit their bodies?! she looks like a reindeer or an elf. her body is beautiful, though in this photo. not her hands because they're too stiff, but her midsection.

    04. Dionne - i like, but with a few things i'd like changed. her hair needed to be more messy, and with sucha playful face i'd like a body to go with it, but she looks so taaaallllll. i love it.

    05. Felicia - she photographs like a dream, that's for sure. i just don't know if she's tall enough. this photo makes her like 5'4.

    06. Jael - she looks like a daihmon from sailor moon! or a zombie. a zombie i'd eat. she delivered again.

    07. Jaslene - where's her leg? i thought only women could enter the competition?

    08. Natasha - i like it, a lot. i'm happy she's improving, and her makeover makes her look just so beautiful. she's improving, and this photo looks great.

    09. Renee - i hate the shape of her body, she should lose 10 pounds. face sucks, she sucks sorry.

    10. Sarah - love this girl. i knew she'd give an amazing photo, and here's my proof.

    11. Whitney - you all know i hate her by now. how many chances is this bitch going to get?

    1. brittany
    2. sarah
    3. jael
    4. felicia
    5. natasha
    6. dionne
    7. diana
    8. cassandra
    9. jaslene
    10. renee
    11. whitney

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    Callout order: Brittany-Jael-Sarah-Dionne-Felicia-Renee-Whitney-Natasha-Jaslene-Diana-(Eliminated:Cassandra)

    My Rankings:
    1.Brittany-this shot is perfect. I could see this as an add.
    2.Dionne-I love her expression. its different than most of the girls.
    3.Jael-She is so pretty. Im glad they didnt call her near the bottom again.
    4.Sarah-Her last two photos have been okay but this one really shows how good she can be.
    5.Felicia-She has a great face and it looks well in the photo.
    6.Natasha-this photo is very pinup and I think thats why I like it.
    7.Jaslene-Not her best but very good. Didnt deserved to be in the bottom three.
    8.Diana-I love her face in this photo and Im glad it different than all her other photos that look the same.
    9.Whitney-something about it I like and something I dont.
    10.Renee-horrible face. she looks evil.....oh wait she is.
    11.Cassandra- *silence*

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    Looking at the photo's it is very difficult, almost impossible to figure out whtat the girl's represented. The pictures are beautiful but the theme is lost.

    This shot lacked the beauty and awesome artwork of the naked shot in cycle 2, even if it was candy the art could have been improved by leaps and bounds. They also should have added more elements of what the girls represented in the shoot.

    And what is the deal with the icecream, i didn't get that one bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rylani;2281308;
    Looking at the photo's it is very difficult, almost impossible to figure out whtat the girl's represented. The pictures are beautiful but the theme is lost.

    They should have added more elements of what the girls represented in the shoot. And what is the deal with the icecream, i didn't get that one bit
    They weren't really assigned "themes" It was just something the body and make-up artists were given to make each girl look differnet. Like, they weren't supposed to portray the type of candy they were given. It was just there.

    I found the ice cream cool, but I found it hindered some model's movement. Like Dionne. But she still pulled out a rockin' photo. Go her.

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    The 704
    The good
    1. Brittany- great photo, looks like a model. Still can't jump on the bandwagon yet.
    2A. Jael- The best photo she's taken so far.
    2B. Felicia- Still doing her thing. Photo is great.
    3. Sarah- finally her experience is starting to show. one my pre-show favs.

    The mediocre.
    5. Renee- Her facial expression did her in this week. If she would have had the one she used last week she would have made my good list.
    6. Diana- the best photo she taken so far but something is still missing.
    7. Dionne- Same thing I said about Renee applies to her as well
    8. Jaslene- Worst photo so far by Jaslene. Has to learn to have more facial expressions beside fierce.

    The bad
    9. Natasha- Would have made the mediocre list but the squinting put her here. Her pose reminds of a cover of Stuff or Maxim that Pam Anderson did a couple of years ago.
    10- Whitney- Just can't take IMO to save her life even though she is pretty in person. Every judge notices it except for Tyra would loves her.
    11- Cassandra- Just awful and she deserves to home.
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