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Thread: Photoshoot 03 - Candy Coated

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    Brittany and Felicia NAILED this! They've got the "Ooh!" look that matches with the theme.

    Wow, Sarah looks like she's in a waste can. With stuff just poured all over her.. LOVE Dionne's make-over though seriously.
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    Cool photos.

    But when compared with the body-painting shoot in C2, these are nothing.

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    My Rankings for this week:

    1. Brittany - Very nice cheeky expression, I love this picture!]
    2. Felicia - Amazing face. love this pictures softness
    3. Jaslene - Like the messege that the face sends, the waist is scary though.
    4. Sarah - Girl steepin' it up, would've liked to see her more softer though
    5. Dionne - Shes starting to shine, like her creativity
    6. Jael - The body is yuck, but I love the sexy pose
    7. Natasha - I like the thing she was trying to do with the pose, but hunny, the expression is the lusty sex symbol, not the dying geisha.
    8. Cassandra - OMG, miss her soooo much, but the face is very disturbing
    9. Whitney - Disgusting face, but the girl was given a plum, nice position though

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ___

    10. Renee - Why??.... oh why! What did I do to deserve this coming on to my screen?? She is the bitch ever to cross the screens of television, and then she comes with these hideous photos.
    Bad face - Oh My, gurrll save it for rehab
    Bad body - *shivers*

    The photoshoot was really colourful, but a little wierd and rather cheap, but still pretty.
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    Natasha is so fugly in this photoshot !!! Easily becoming the worst photo in ANTM history.

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    over the ocean lyk omg.
    Am I the only one here who's blinded by all the sugary sweetness and pinkness?
    And we rank!! And again, my opinions will probably be completely different from all of yours.

    1. Brittany - It totally suits the theme.
    2. Felicia - That's a lotta candy she got up there.
    3. Sarah - Oh maaa God I love this... she even rocks with all that disgusting sugary stuff all over her.
    4. Renee - I ACTUALLY like this. *gasp*
    5. Jael - The pose and the face is gorgeous... but the makeup hurts.
    6. Natasha - I like the pose... but her face. Ugh.
    7. Jaslene - Scares me how skinny she is.
    8. Diana - The lollipops look yummy.
    9. Whitney - Hi.
    10. Dionne - Oooh candy canes!
    11. Cassandra - I don't know what I can say about this.

    [Edit]: Keep in mind that I haven't watched the episode yet.
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    it looks like a photoshoot made by David LaChapelle and if that was the idea Felicia completely failed, she looks good, but not as crazy as the set required, shes doing a InStyle cover on a crazy Vogue spread.

    Brittany, Sarah, Jael were amazing, i didn't saw the episode yet so i don't know how "bad" they did

    i love Jaslene aswell but she looks a bit dead-eyes compared to her other photoshoots
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    Brittany - hands down the best
    Jaslene - my daughter and I find this extremely offensive - I know thin is in with the fashion industry, but I've cancelled a magazine subscription over pictures like this.
    Jael - we really like her - what a tough week she had, huh?
    Dionne - they couldn't draw her candy cane stripes on straight? Those crooked lines are all I see in her picture
    Renee - HATE - although it's hysterical how they cut to her sneering face every time Brittany wins something or gets compliments from the judges.
    The rest - meh
    Count your blessings!

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    My Ranking.


    1. Sarah - Love this photo, Love. The look in her eyes and the way she positioned herself, l-o-v-e.

    2. Brittany - I love this girl, I love the photo. It looks soooo good.

    3. Felicia - Soft and beautiful (omg, I see Tyra). But it seems a bit out of place in a crazy set.


    4. Jael - I like it but the make-up and "happy birthday" looks almost like a set-up to make her look crappy. Kudos to her for turning it out.

    5. Dionne - Crazy. But it looks good. I love her body in it but the crooked lines are annoying.

    6. Cassandra - Love the body, hate the face.


    7. Renee - You know, I actually think she had one of the best make-up on but she didn't make it look good. There's something bothering me about this.

    8. Natasha - I think the legs are gorgeous. Other than that, I say "WHAT?"


    9. Whitney - What's with the face?

    10. Jaslene - It scares me how skinny she is. I can see her ribs! And the uneven eyes and face is off.

    11. Diana - Umm. Well, yeah.
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    Cassandra - Jelly Beans
    Sarah - Hard Candy
    Dionne - Candy Cane
    Brittany - Banana Spilt
    Diana- Gummy Bears
    Renee - Candy Necklace
    Whitney - Chocolate Kiss
    Jael - Birthday Cake
    Felicia - Lollypop
    Jaslene - Dulce de Leche
    Natasha - Gumballs

    Will post my critiques later.

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    This has to be my least fav. and I usually don't say that! I think we got about 4 photos that did come out nice but it looks so cheesy and cheap I'm not feeling it...a lot of them did not do well. Bleh it's a good thing they had this week the makeover week I guess lol.

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