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Thread: America's Next Top Model 8: Interview with Samantha, 3/9/07

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    I love these interviews, it's sometimes the only way we can get to know what the girls are really like compared to the way they are edited on the show. SV - you did a wonderful job in bringing us the real Samantha.

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    Love ya Sammy!

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    good interview! samantha seems really down to earth .. i like her.

    about sarah and her having mutual music interests .. if that's the case then i suppose they might both listen to emo-ish music. in one of those personal pictures that someone had posted pre-show, samantha had on a thursday sweatshirt ..
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    well as it has been said several times, many of us FORTers thought she would not win because she was too good for the competition, I think this down to earth normal human being interview proves that theory!! Best of Luck Samantha!!! =)

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    Sam was the first contestant that caught my eye on this cycle, which is always the look of doom for the ones I think have potential. In her interview, she seemed a little more hip to the show's politics ("lesbian" theme for southern girl, etc.) than some of the other past contestants.

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    good luck with your future career - you have everything to succeed as a model: beauty, height, personality and the ability to photograph well!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kepi37;2274727;
    well as it has been said several times, many of us FORTers thought she would not win because she was too good for the competition, I think this down to earth normal human being interview proves that theory!! Best of Luck Samantha!!! =)
    Yes, go sam!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldLionEyes;2273512;
    im is jaslene a troublemaker??? her mind is on winning the competition/ from what ive seen thusfar she hasnt bothered anyone for (a) being too nice (unlike renee) (b) accusing someone of not really wanting to be there to be a model (unlike renee) (c) made excuses for not taking a good photo (unlike renee)..and I can go on/ in all honesty they cant "edit" someone into a trouble maker..either youre one or not

    back to samantah- GREAT interview, she totally should have stayed
    I agree. I'm more than willing to give Jaslene the benefit of the doubt. She's in a unique position because of being cut in Cycle 7, and I think she's putting too much pressure on herself.

    I hated to see Samatha go, and I wish her well.

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    Samantha is so wonderful!
    I wish her all the best, and I am positive she will make it as she has the right(est) attitude!
    I feel for her so much that she got hurt by Tyra's stupidity of saying that Natasha has more beauty on the inside because of her personal journey and experience. We all know why Natasha is there, and it's good that Samantha has a great head on her shoulders and knows that modelling is about taking good pictures and not about having a shocking personal story to tell.
    Samantha, I will so miss you but then again, I am so looking forward to hearing news and seeing pictures of your modelling career!

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    I like Samantha. She seems like such a great person.
    "In spite of all the temptation you have endured, all the suffering, you remain pure of heart, just as pure as you were at the age of eleven, when you stared into a mirror that reflected your heart's desire, and it showed you only the way to thwart Lord Voldemort, and not immortality or riches."

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