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Thread: America's Next Top Model 8: Interview with Samantha, 3/9/07

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    great interview! i love samantah even more now, making me "mourn" her loss even more. i like how she answered the interview, it was a little "juicy" to me

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    she is such a mollie-sue. you know funny girl but edited without any personality. oh yeah Samatha is on here!

    Hey Sam! I love you and support you all the time! I cursed Tyra since you have gone *oops*

    You should try modeling on you own not on the show! Cause you are really modelesque!
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    Sam you rock!!!!!
    I'm the only one with braces I'm the only one with bling-bling on mah grill okay
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    Thanks for the interview.
    Sam is such an awsome girl!!!
    I hope she succeeds!!! And I know she will. She has it all!
    Smart, beautiful, tall, young.. everything!!!

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    Spot-on interview. Samantha's very articulate and very aware of the situation; her resemblance to Elyse (in my mind) has been enhanced.

    I figured she wouldn't win (hey I've seen ANTM a few times!), but I never thought she'd go so soon. The Powers That Be seem to have lightened up on the Photoshop this cycle (but not as much as I'd prefer), only to lay a heavier hand on the editing.

    Samantha sounds like she has the drive and intelligence to make it far in whatever market she pursues. We already know she's got the look!

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    I love it how the favourite contestant is friends with the least favourite Go Renee! (And Sam)

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    I miss Sam so much. Best of luck in the future sweetie
    And now he's wrapped around her finger,
    She's the center of his whole world.
    And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl.

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    wow she seems really really down to earth and realizes that this show isn't what it really seems to be. great interview.

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    She's very intelligent. I am still very sad to see her go. She knows a lot about how the world works, which is good for such a young model. She has the look to take her far. Go Samantha! You rock!

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    To me, I thought there were putting me into situations they thought I was going to react poorly to--you know, have a conflict with.
    She really pegged them there. I'm glad she didn't fall into that reality show pit - although, if she'd cried or been a homophobic jerk she would have lasted longer. Darn Tyra!

    Great interview, SV! We really gained insight into the show from this. I agree with the poster who said she has a Mollie Sue vibe - so much personality that we didn't get to see!
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