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Thread: America's Next Top Model 8: Interview with Samantha, 3/9/07

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    alanaaa Coconut Oil's Avatar
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    She could definitely work nonstop in places like Taiwan and maybe Hong Kong, and I definitely applaud that she's going to try and get a mother agency before she moves to a big one. Smart girl! Love it!
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    I love you sam !, your awesome !

    I'm sure you'll have a great career.

    Thanks for the interview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoNiGHTS;2273412;
    That became obvious in this episode. They're giving Renee the bitch role but it really seems like Jaslene is the real one in this season of the show.
    this is just accrosed my mind...
    that maybe Renee has been hypnotized or sumthin to be a BigB* in the house XD

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    Oh that is one of the best interviews she sounds so smart and she knew this was a reality show. Oh i hope she joins FORT and tell us all what she's up to.

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    One of the more coherent young women to come out of ANTM lately. She sounds like a very smart gal, a lot of wisdom about how the real world works, for her age.
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    GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

    I her even more now!!!!!! and I wish the show gave her more of this edit, who she really is, but damn you tyra!

    I really wish her the best of luck and I truly believe in her having good success in this industry ALA elyse, ann, mollie
    omg, stunning~*~.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ichigomentos;2273429;
    I agree that in this episode Jaslene did show her bitchy and arrogant side, but I don't think that will make her the bitch of the season. I see nothing wrong in just coming into this competition and just looking straight forward with only that goal of winning in mind. If she didn't want to be "friends" with the girls, so be it, and besides Samantha left the second week in the house, Jaslene could of totally changed her disposition after that. Renee on the other hand has shown all of her bitchiness potential. It has only been two weeks in the house and she has already gotten into fights with 4 people, not to mention another one next week. She's the true villian of cycle 8 and no amount of editing can change that, she has said so much nasty stuff on camera that it can't be hidden. Beautiful face, but nasty and grotesque personality.
    i totally concur

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    of course we love you sam! you're our high fashion hopes! please don't let us down! i believe in you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoNiGHTS;2273436;
    While she was only there 2 weeks, it says alot that in that time it was Jaslene that seemed to be the one that caused most of the problems and not Renee. I'm not at all saying that Renee doesn't also do that because she's given them all the ammo to promote her in that light. But Jaslene seems to be the real trouble maker. It seems like it could be like a Monique/Melrose issue with them. If Renee is eliminated early then they're going to replace her with Jaslene as the trouble maker of the house.
    im is jaslene a troublemaker??? her mind is on winning the competition/ from what ive seen thusfar she hasnt bothered anyone for (a) being too nice (unlike renee) (b) accusing someone of not really wanting to be there to be a model (unlike renee) (c) made excuses for not taking a good photo (unlike renee)..and I can go on/ in all honesty they cant "edit" someone into a trouble maker..either youre one or not

    back to samantah- GREAT interview, she totally should have stayed

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    Probably the one who created the most drama or was the most drama-filled was Jaslene. She always was upset, or mad, or wouldn’t talk with any of us.
    Wow. And I thought she was being ridiculed. She was pushing them away.
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