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Thread: Anyone's opinions change?

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    i really did not like renee preshow
    and now i hate her!
    shes a phsyco egomaniac son obsessed freak!!!
    i love natasha even more for standing up to the bitch!

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    The pictures of Dionne (who I thought would be the first to go pre-show) and Jaslene (figured she last half-way, but didn't get her appeal) impressed me; the best of the shoot. So I eat a little crow there.

    Cassandra still doesn't impress me though.

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    Dionne impressed me SO much, her picture is really great. Samantha is , seriously I was so-so with her pre show, but she's SO damn gorgeous. Diana is beautiful in person, but not pictures. Jael is much better than pre-show and Sarah is pretty.

    I loved Kathleen even more after seeing her, I miss her so much !

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    Whitney is much more gorgeous than original thought. Same with Dionne and Diana.

    Natasha and Renee both annoy me to no end! :[

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    i didnt like diana but i love her now i love jael even more kathleen was hilarios and nice well everyone surprised me

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    Britanny-Love her more now, she is really cute, she reminds me of norelle, but more high fashion
    Cassandra- the same, i like her, but im not still impress, her weird fashion style is interesting
    Diana-Still love her, her picture was boring, but shes still sweet and Joanie like, but more down to earth. I know she can do it!!
    Dionne-Impressed with this girl, she look gorgeous in the panel, and her picture was good.
    Felicia-like her too, her wedding pic is nice, but her party pic, is just.. awsome!
    Jael-Like her more, shes such a sweetheart.Very etnic too.
    Jaslene-love her!! her pic was totally the best.
    Kathleen-The funniest girl and very innnocent. But she totally was the worst in the ep, the close up was.....
    Natasha-Too .... dont know, bitchy, a her pic was disaponting.
    Renee-She is gorgeous but... her beause looked pretty, yes, but too scared, and, she is very irritable.
    Samantha-Still mym fav!! she is very shy, but really cute and sweet, one of the best pics of the night!!!
    Sarah-Another disapointment, I mean she was braging a lot of her modeling experience and all, but her pic was blah, good pose but dead eyes( like I predicted, she has a problem in there), but I like that she admited that she screw up very hard.
    Whitney-Love her now!! She is very pretty! And her pic wasnt bad, she was just with Sam.

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    My Changes:

    Pre-show Faves:



    True love comes in quietly, without banners or flashing lights. She is your sanity in a world full of madness. True love is not how grand you are or how simple you are, but's who you are with her and she loves you not in spite of it, but because of it. She is the one that stands with you, when the rest of the world falls down.

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    I think this cycle is the most interesting cycle.
    I didnt have any pre-show favorite, but after watching 1st episode, my favorite are:
    1. JAEL
    3. FELICIA
    the bitch of this cycle-RENEE

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    over the ocean lyk omg.
    Quote Originally Posted by nightfall_realm;2262520;
    I thought Renee would be the girl who got along with a lot of people. Haha, was I wrong. I wish she wasn't so catty, she's totally gorgeous.

    I like Sarah more than I did preshow. She does seem a bit arrogant, but I still love her.

    Edit: Brittany is more photogenic than I thought. She's growing on me.
    I forgot Diana. She's starting to grow on me too.
    screw meaning.

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    It's like Cycle 7 all over again...

    Renee, like Melrose, and even more b!chy as shown in the first 2 episodes. But I just can't keep my eyes off her.
    I still think she has some non-b!tchy side. Like Mel...
    But I still have to wait and see.

    Jael, like AJ. The favourite of many other people, and the enermy of Renee, and I don't like her. Exactly the same case of Cycle 7.

    Of course I don't love Renee as I love Mel, but things may grow
    My 3 favourites right now - Felicia, Samantha and ... Renee

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