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Thread: Anyone's opinions change?

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    katarzyna~ A11Y7's Avatar
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    My opinions about Diana, Felicia, and Dionne changed the most. I thought Dionne was going to be obnoxious, but she's not. I thought Diana would be super shy and would have a quiet confidence. But she's quite outgoing. Felicia has more potential than I imagined.

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    lucy FTW potatowedgie's Avatar
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    My opiniosn changed a lot.

    Oddly enough, I love Renee now even more than I did post show. I guess as Tyra said: fashion loves the nice girls and the diva bitches lol. I don't really think Renee was all that bitchy though, I mostly liked her because I thought she looked even more gorgeous that I had previously thought.

    Dionne surprised me that she wasn't a bitch. I actually thought her audition interview thing was really cute how she kept rambling on about spaghetti or something haha. I still don't like her look, but personality wise I changed my mind.

    Before the show, I was on the fence with Jael, but now I simply don't like her and hope she goes soon. She annoys me so much more than Renee does. I can totally see why Renee is upset because Jael just comes off as very fake. Like when she won the challenge and then asked if anybody was angry at her or whatever. That was just stupid. I also didn't like how she made excuses during her photoshoot and then like a second later was hula hooping like nothing was wrong. Danielle was sick for a photo and turned it out. Suck it up, or go home.

    I kind of thought that Sarah might be a know-it-all and this episode just confirmed it. Except for that, all the other girls have been as I've expected. Well, Natasha is a lot crazier than I thought, but ya.

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    Team Cassandra
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    My Opinion went from Liking making her my least favorite this season with Renee.
    I loved both...& now there at the bottom of my list. Also my opinion on Whitney changed...because she was okay in preshow...but NOW I LOVE HER!!

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    <3 Lauren/Anya <3 Kaizen's Avatar
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    Brittany - Still love her.
    Cassandra - Love her as i did pre-show, she was humorous and hopes she makes it to the makeover.
    Diana - She shocked me i thought she was fug pre-show but now i see how stunning she is, she really can take this.
    Dionne - Haha i loved her pre-show and i knew she wouldnt be the bitch, she rules , im in love with her.
    Felicia - Loved her pre-show, glad she isnt a bitch she seems shy hope she breaks out of her shell.
    Jael - Didn't really like her pre-show but am in love with her she is so carefree and gentle i love her.
    Jaslene - Wasn't a fan of hers but homegirl is fierce!!!! They should cut her hair short for the makeover.
    Kathleen - Loved her pre-show love her even more post-show she was the realest person their i think and a nice gentle person.
    Natasha - Dont like her .. she ignorant ... she is pretty though.
    Renee - Loved her pre-show hate her now ... she is an annoying bitch .. we know your doing this for your son but get over it, her egoism will be her demise.
    Samantha - Didn't like her pre-show thought she wouldve been stuck up, i love her now she is so nice and gentle.
    Sarah - Pre-show she was meh ... now she is meh .... she is a bit egotistical to.
    Whitney - Loved her pre-show , knew she would bring it , i love her even more now.

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    Brittany - Seems genuine, but honestly this girl is very unattractive.
    Cassandra - I like her but she doesnt stand out to me that much.
    Diana - I thought she had a better chance than Whitney but now I find her boring and very common.
    Dionne - Hated her preshow, but she made me laugh in the first half of the show and completly disappeared in the second half. She could be a sleeper.
    Felicia - Love her look and her sweet attitude.
    Jael - I thought she would be short but she isnt and she seems fun but totally insane and very insecure.
    Jaslene - I find her better when she is toned down and I think she may have a shot of winning.
    Kathleen - I loved her attitude and cluelessness.
    Natasha - I think she is very misunderstood and has a beautiful face.
    Renee - Total bitch who wont stop bitching and crying. Meh.
    Samantha - Perfection.
    Sarah - Uninspiring but her party photo was flawless.
    Whitney - I love her, and I think she will win.

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    :: u n i q u e :: Jay Jr.'s Avatar
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    the fashion capital.
    CASSANDRA!! she amazed me, at first she looked ugly in the promo pics but she`s amazing!! i think she might make final 3.
    "And yes, I still walk like this, all day, everyday." - Jaslene, Cycle 8.
    "I don't feel like it's a modeling competition anymore, I feel like it's a f***ing personality competition, and that pisses me off." - Jenah, Cycle 9.
    avatar by martinique

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    Natasha - I liked her to begin with, even more now
    Samantha - same situation, liked her, but even more so now
    Felicia - again, same situation
    Kathleen - didn't like her pictures, but the girl was FUNNY!!!! Too bad she left
    Jael - I still think she looks odd (to put it nicely), but love her personality
    Cassandra - still not really feeling her, but I think she can be funny

    Renee - I still like her, but not as much as before
    Diane - didn't like her to begin with, but now. Ugh could she be anymore boring


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    Smilin' with her eyes As-Tom's Avatar
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    Sarah went down on my list.
    Whitney and Brittany proved me they have personality
    Renee, Cassandra, Samantha, Dionne; I was right about their personalitys I expected them to be as they turned out to be
    Felicia suprised me the most Although I still think she's a ghetto girl next door, she's an interesting one at that
    I prefer Whitney over Diana I adored her crying twice just because she is so grateful And she has spunk Diana is just sweet and I think she came across as boring because of editing and screentime
    I'm going to wait with my opinions on Jaslene -if she keeps up her outgoing side- and Natasha -if she steps up her game-
    And finally, Jael is just.. <3.
    "A group who forms a unit that excludes people on the persuasion that you hate a person [Paloma] is bullying and it's bitchy. Who instigated this [Jordan] is an absolute moron and who took part in it and encouraged it [Anika, Danica, Sophie, Alice] are even bigger morons." - Charlotte Dawson. Amen!

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    I hated Jael before the premire! I adore her now. Renee, huuuum, although she is a major bit*h, still is my girl!
    "My head is big, for real? You look like a bratz doll." Bianca, Cycle 9

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    My whole opinion changed...I took one look at the very first promo of the girls and thought meh....maybe one or two pretty faces...but now I'm saying WOW! they all have potential (gotta dig deep and maybe read a book on the way) but I am loving the personalities!! Tyra stepped it up a notch (nice view from the house too) could I have doubted the queen?? Cycle 8 is promising to be a BLAST..(fingers crossed).. the last cycle left me half-dead from boredom.
    PS I'm kinda scared of Renee...she might be the first ANTM 'killa' if she doesn't win....yikes!

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